Liverpool Mercury
Saturday, 17th January, 1863

Lifeboat For New Brighton

An influential meeting of the local committee of the Royal National Lifeboat Association was held on Wednesday, in the mayor's room, at the Town Hall, Liverpool. Amongst those present were his Worship the Mayor (chairman), the Rev. R.D Howell, Sir William Brown, Messrs. Thomas Addison, John Marriot, R.S. Tipton, J. Houghton, Edward Norton, G.S. Robertson, Jas. Hosack, T.W. Tetley, Joseph Thompson, S. Goodacre, and H.W. Eddie (secretary).

The Mayor having briefly explained that the object of the meeting was for the purpose of naming the lifeboat (the gift of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution) to be stationed at New Brighton, called upon the secretary to read a letter received from Mr. James Beazley, regretting his inability to attend, and offering to contribute to the local fund. the following letter was also read :-
The Marquis of Westminster presents his compliments to Mr. Eddie, and, with reference to a letter of the 22nd August on the subject of the Royal National Life-boat Institution, would be glad if Mr. Eddie would inform him if any further steps have been taken in this matter with respect to the Cheshire coast.
Eaton, Cheshire, Jan 9, 1863.

The committee then proceeded to consider the subject of naming the lifeboat, and, after discussion thereon, it was moved by T.W. Tetley, seconded by Sir. William Brown, and resolved unanimously - "That the lifeboat be called The Rescue".On the motion of the Mayor, it was resolved -
"That a sub committee be now formed to carry out the details in connection with the launch, and to consist of the following >>

gentlemen, viz., Messrs. T. Addison, Major Bourne, James Beazley, Henry Duckworth, John Hamilton, jun., George Harrison, James Hosack, C.W. Kellock, Harold Littledale, Edward Norton, W. Mason, Henry Melling, C. Pickering, G.S. Robertson, R.S. Tipton, Captain Wickham, S. Goodacre, J, Houghton, and S.R. Graves".

The launch will take place at the Seacombe Slip, on Saturday, the 24th instant, at one o'clock. The Rescue will be attended by the new steam-tug Rattler. The length of the Rescue os 42 feet; she is a tubular lifeboat, her tubes being three feet in diameter, and three feet space between, making a beam of nine feet. the following donations and subscriptions to the funds of the institution were announced at the meeting :-

It was announced by the secretary that his Worship the Mayor had kindly accepted the offices of president of the Lancashire and Cheshire branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

A vote of thanks was unanimously passed to his Worship the Mayor for his kindness in presiding over the meeting.

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