Liverpool Mercury
Friday, 8th May, 1846

Meeting of The Wallasey Commissioners

The usual monthly meeting of the Commissioners appointed under the Wallasey Improvement Act was held last evening. At the Queen’s Arms, Liscard. Henry Winch, Esq., presided. The proceedings of the Improvement Committee were read in reference to the application for a grant of land at the stone quarry, in Magazines-road, for the purpose of building a school, made by the Rev. Mr.  Tobin, and which had been referred back for consideration at a former meeting. The committee recommended, after further considering the subject, that the grant be on the terms formerly stated by them.  Mr. Crump, seconded by Mr. Mann, moved the confirmation of the proceedings. Mr. North, at considerably length, urged upon the Board the justice of granting a site of land for the purpose of a school as it was the centre of a district where upwards of 280 children were growing up, deficient of all the means of instruction. He contended that the grant would be strictly legal – in fact, there would be quite as much legality in giving the site in question for a school as accepting the piece of land, which they had done, from Mr. Littledale, on which they proposed to build offices.

Mr. Mawdsley objected to the grant, and considered the members of the Church who asked for it were adequate to carry out such an object as that they sought to obtain by their individual efforts. Mr. Fisher also opposed the grant, contending that the commissioners had no power, under the act if Parliament, to give land for any purpose, as they merely held it for the benefit of the freeholders. He moved, as an amendment, the confirmation of the proceedings of the Improvement Committee, except so much as related to the school and the grant of land; the motion was seconded by Mr. Parry. Mr. Halliday supported the grant, considering that education, above all other things, was the most valuable property which could be conferred on the community. The grant was supported by Mr. Mann, and after some remarks by other members, a division took place, when the amendment was carried by a majority of eleven to eight. The application for the grant of land was, consequently, rejected. – The proceedings of the Finance Committee were read and confirmed. – A motion was adopted to the effect that the Improvement Committee were to report on the property of appointing a person as foreman over the men employed in making the roads, at a salary not exceeding 27s per week. – Mr. Healey having drawn the attention of the commissioners to the practice of carrying away gravel from the shores of the river, it was referred to the Improvement Committee to consider the expediency of making application to the Commissioners of Woods and Forests, that the gravel on the sea side, within the jurisdiction of Wallasey, be reserved to the use of the authorities. The proceedings terminated shortly before nine o’clock.

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