A Breach Of Promise

This is a two-part story told by newspapers at the time of the murder of Edgar Swinton Holland, a notable gentleman of Wallasey. A brief biography of the main antagonists are outlined as well as the defence barrister..

Edgar Swinton Holland was born in 1847 and was the son of Elizabeth Gaskell and Charles Holland, a well known Liverpool merchant who resided at Liscard Vale House, Vale Park. Edgar lived at 11 Penkett Road and in 1884, with Henry Gardiner, a local building contractor, began the horse-drawn bus service, 'Magazines, New Brighton and Direct Omnibus and Carriage Company', running between Seacombe and Molyneux Drive. Earlier Edgar employed Henry to build various properties in Wallasey including Menzies Terrace which was at the bottom of Holland Road, facing the River Mersey, and Beech Grove on Beech Grove, off Holland Road. Edgar was also Director of Santa Barbara Gold Mining Company, and the Pitangui Gold Mining Company.

Catherine Kempshall was a London singer in the music halls. She was to spend 56 years in Broadmoor where she died.

William Henry Quilliam, the defence barrister, is worthy of note. William was born in 1856 in Liverpool and would later change his name to Abdullah Quilliam as well as finding England's first mosque and Islamic centre.

The Breach
Part 1