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The Complete History of Wallasey
History of Wallasey - Part 1 History of Wallasey - Part 2 History of Wallasey - Part 3
History of Wallasey - Part 4 History of Wallasey - Part 5 Histort of Wallasey - Part 6
History of Wallasey Specials
Mansions of Wallasey
The history of the grand houses which once stood proudly in our parish.
History of Wallasey Ferries
From Norman times to present day - an on-going series of the Wallasey Ferries.
Shopping in Wallasey
A series on the way we use to shop. From Lloyds Corner to Stroudes Corner.
Roads of Wallasey
An unique look into the history of our roads.
History of
Wallasey Churches

Full history on our parish churches
History of
Wallasey Tramways

A history of the tramway transport
History of Wallasey Cinemas
A two-part series looking at our cinemas
A collection of memories from readers
Rambling Recollections
The stories behind the pictures
Wallasey Mishaps
From fires, murders, crashes and more. This is the darker side of Wallasey
Programmes & Brochures
A great collection of old promo material from theatres to events
Wallasey &
King Cholera

Two-part history on the Cholera outbreaks in Wallasey
Looking Back To...1973
Looking at local news of 1973
Wallasey Theatres
Looking at the old theatres: Winter Gardens, Floral Pavillion etc.
Wallasey Corporation Transport
From horse-drawn to Atlantean buses..

Early aviators Around The World
By Colin Schroeder
The Parishes of Wallasey
Wirral Special Features


A - Z of Wallasey Buildings
On-going series
listing properties that are long gone or still remain today

Pubs of Wallasey
A romantic look at many of our pubs - past and present.

In the Shadow of The Tower
A collection of stories, news. facts and oddities. From a V.C, to cymbal players and storms...
In The Shadow of The Tower ... 2
More stories and news from old Wallasey, including a special look at some of our fallen heroes.
Model Farm
A Unique Victorian Enterprise

Harold Littledale's enterprise in the 19th Century
New Brighton Open Air Bathing Pool
The story of the rise and fall of Europe's largest outdoor pool
When The Bombs Fell
Pictorial story of the damage caused by the German blitz on Wallasey during the Second World War
Central Park Avenue Murders
The shocking hatchet murders of a mother and child
New Brighton:
On The Promenade

We take a look at the story of the rise, the fall, and the rise again of the resort
New Brighton of 1912
An old booklet in 1912, captures the essential spirit of the New Brighton Tower
Tower Grounds
An interesting look
into the history of New Brighton's Tower Grounds
The Two Manor Houses of Liscard
The story of two houses which at different times became the manors of Wallasey
Concertina Cottages
The story of these unique houses in Seacombe
Convalescent Home For Women & Children
Once located in Rowson Street the charitable hospital would later become Maris School
Mother Redcap's
Fascinating story of an unique building that
once stood facing the Mersey
Leasowe Hospital
Full story of the Leasowe Sanatorium For Crippled Children and Hospital For Tuberculosis

Zeebrugge Raid
The Ferryboats That Sailed Off To War

T.S.M.V Royal Iris
A look at the twin-screw iconic ferry
Vale Park
A free avenue into their own property

Wallasey Special Features
Bringing local history to life

Wallasey In The 1940s:
Blackout, Bombs, Sirens, And A Brave New Start

Street Games That Saw The Start Of Clubs

The Quiet Spots That Progress Swept Away

Little Shops, Big Bargains, Long Hours

The Old Lady In A Castle At Leasowe

The Seafront Without A Sea View

Old Cottages, Manors And Quiet Corners

The Forest at Leasowe Lost Under The Sea

The Story Of The Shipyards Of Old Seacombe

The Great White Windmill
That Stood On The Hill

Days of The Dark Town Fire Brigade

The Days When Wallasey Was A Race Town

Horse Drawn Days Of Carts And Carnival

Story of the day of the
Orange Wreck

The Footpath A Town Fell In Love With

The Fort That Never Really Went To War

The Summer That Dr. Crippen Came To Town

The Town Hall at the
Wrong End of Town

When Bye-Laws Put A Ban On Bathing

A Pavillion Full of Pierrots

Making Ends Meet in 1935:
Special News Report

More History of Wallasey

History of Wallasey
Local Government

Wallasey Local Board
Elected Members

Wallasey Local Board
Biography Notes

Elementary Education
in Liscard

James Atherton
Founder of New Brighton

Frederick Kreuger
The Wallasey Hermit

Henry Pooley

Fortunatus Wright
The Wallasey Pirate

Priestley & Sons

Priestley & Sons
Promenade Survey

Woods & Brown
Rise & Progress of Wallasey

The Magnet
Filmed at New Brighton

Wallasey Postcard Collection

Guide Dogs For The Blind
by Heather Jones

Local Interest Youtube Clips

Selective News Headlines

Wallasey At War

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