Wallasey Local Board
Biography Notes of Wallasey Local Board Members

Samuel Alltree Liscard 1879-1884
Samuel was a gentleman who earlier had been a butcher. He lived at Hughes Cottages on Manor Road. Samuel did much for the support of local firemen and after the purchase of a manual engine by the board in 1882 it was decided to name it "Alltree" in his honour.
George Henry Ball Liscard 1879-1883,
George resided on St. George's Mount, New Brighton and was a tobacco broker. He was Chairman of the Local Board in 1886.
Samuel Ball Wallasey Village 1853-1860
Samuel Ball was a superintendent and manager of the Steam Packet Company and resided in Wallasey Village. He was married to Jane.
Miles Barton Liscard 1853
Miles served just one term for the Local Board. He lived at Tudor Terrace, Victoria Road, New Brighton and was a cotton broker with offices in Liverpool.
Robert Beausire Wallasey Village 1853
Robert, gentleman, resided at Clare Mount, Claremount Road. His wife, Janet, conducted a school on the premises. They were married in 1843 at St. Hilary's Church. He died on 13th January 1884 in Grange Over Sands, Cumbria, age 78.
Edward Billington Wallasey Village 1878,
A tea and coffee broker who resided at Buxton House, Wallasey Village. In 1875 Edward set up a Mission Hall which is now the site of the Wallasey Village Presbyterian Church. Edward died in 1898 whilst residing in Nantwich, Cheshire.
Thomas Bouch Liscard 1861-1863
Thomas served both the Wallasey Local Board and Cheshire Magistrates and resided at Warrenside, Montpelier Road. He was a partner in Waterhouse & Son on Old Hall Street, Liverpool. Thomas died aged 76 on 23rd March, 1876.
John George Bowdler Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1870-1877
John resided at 1 Church Street, Egremont, and was a Seacombe shipbuilder at Bowdler, Chaffer & Co., which was destroyed in a fire in 1872. He was once the Chairman of the Ferries Committee for the Local Board. In March 1877 he was declared bankrupt though in 1878 John was paid £25 as technical advisor to Wallasey Ferries.
Alfred Bower Wallasey Village 1867
Alfred was a Broker for the firm William Bower & Son. He lived in Montpellier Crescent. Alfred died on 12th March, 1888, at Blundellsands, age 68 years old.
James Clerk Boyd Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1860-1869
James was a Liverpool merchant and resided at Poulton Manor House, Poulton. He once lived at the 'Bird's House', Poulton. James was Chairman of the Local Board for five straight years before retiring in February 1969. He died 18th April, 1880, aged 72, in New Abbey, Dumfrieshire.
James Bradford South Seacombe 1892-1894*
James was a gentleman living at 4 Church Views, (No.10) St. Paul's Road, Seacombe. He served both the Local Board and the Urban District Council. He died in 1916, age 78 years old.
Daniel Cranmer Buchanan Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1865-1868
Daniel was a Cotton Broker and had originally come from Toxteth Park, Liverpool to Wallasey in the 1840's. He resided at Poulton Hall, Poulton and remained there until his death on 11th June, 1884, at the age of 74.
Thomas Raffles Bulley Wallasey Village 1881,
Thomas was a Cotton Broker for S.M Bulley & Son, the well known Liverpool Cotton Broker and Merchants and lived at Breck Hey, Mount Pleasant Road, Upper Brighton. Thomas would serve both the Wallasey Local Board and the Urban District Council. Thomas died in 1921, aged 72 years old.
Thomas Valentine Burrows Liscard 1890-1893
Thomas (born in 1842 in Gayton, Northamptonshire) was a builder and contractor who lived at 52 King Street, Egremont. He represented the Liscard ward in 1890 and 1891 and, when Wallasey was divided into 8 wards, instead of three, Thomas represented Egremont in 1892. He also sat on the Urban District Council and in 1913 was Mayor of Wallasey. Thomas died in 1921, aged 79 years old.
Dr. Isaac Byerley Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1859-1862
Isaac was born on the Isle of Wight in 1813 and came to Cheshire in c1832 and trained as a doctor in Liverpool. In 1854 he opened a practice in Seacombe and resided at Myrtle Cottage in Borough Road. Isaac took an interest in local matters from the beginning of his time in Seacombe. He is noted for being present at Wallasey Health Committee meetings in the late 1850s and early 1860s. He combined work as a Poor Law Medical Officer with private practice, a common arrangement in those days. Isaac was appointed as the first Medical Officer of Health in Wallasey in 1873 and he held the post until 1881. He had a long association with the Seacombe Cottage Hospital, from Visiting Surgeon to Honourary Consulting Surgeon on his retirement from active practice. A street was named after him in 1880, Byerley Street, off Borough Road in Seacombe, which, in part, still exists today. His death, on 20th June 1897, at the age of 84 was recorded in Seacombe Cottage Hospital minutes of that year.
Nathaniel Caine Liscard 1854-1863
Nathaniel was an iron merchant and lived at 28 Church Street, Egremont. He was appointed a member for the Board in June 1854 and he remained on the Board until June 1863. He was Chairman of the Board from May 1857 until May 1859, and was also Chairman of the Works & Health Committee from August 1855 to June 1857. Nathaniel died on 28th September, 1877, aged 69 at his summer residence of Broughton-In-Furness, Cumbria.
William Callow Wallasey Village 1854-1855
William was a retired gentleman residing at Stonehouse, Wallasey Village and was a former member of the Wallasey Commissioners. In November 1855 he was charged with embezzlement and pleaded guilty. At the Knutsford Court Session William was found too ill to be sent to prison, so after resigning from the Board, he retired from public life.
William Carson Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1864-1866
William (not to be confused with the Ferry Manager of the same name) resided at 3 Somerville, Poulton and later at Brougham House, Brougham Road, Seacombe. In July 1866 William resigned from the Board because of work engagements. He died on 10th September 1884, age 85 years old.
John Catterall Liscard 1864
John lived at Dalmorton House, Upper Rowson Street. John only served one year on the Board for the parish of Liscard.
Major William Chambres Wallasey Village 1856-1858
William originally lived in Sherlock Lane, Poulton, before moving to Wallasey Grange, Grove Road. He was a Stock Broker for William Chambres & Co., with offices at 6 Dale Street, Liverpool. In 1867 William was made Justice of the Peace for the Wirral and was often called upon to assist in the Wallasey Police Court. He was also a magistrate in Liverpool. William was a Major in the New Brighton corps of the Cheshire and Carnarvonshire Artillery Volunteers. He was also a member of the Committee of the New Brighton Convalescent Home and a Governor of the Wallasey Grammar School. William died on 26th August, 1893, aged 74 years old.
Charles Henry Chadburn Liscard 1863-1868,
Charles lived at 'Haddon Villas', 25 Trafalgar Road. He was an optician with a shop at 71 Lord Street, Liverpool and even made glasses for Prince Albert. He died in 1890, aged 74 years old.
Richard Chantler Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1874
Richard lived at 2 Lowry Bank, Mersey Street, and was a cabinet maker with a shop at 50 Oldhall Street. In April Richard resigned from the Board when he moved out of the district for a time. He died in 1890, aged 80 years old, in Wallasey.
Frederick J. Cheesbrough Liscard 1879-1882
Frederick was a consulting engineer and patent agent with an office at 15 Water Street, Liverpool. He resided in Warren Drive, New Brighton. He served one 3 year term for the board.
Lt.Colonel William Clay Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1872-1876
William lived at Darley Dene (then known as The Slopes) and was an iron and steel manufacturer of the firm of Clay, Inman & Co. Iron Merchants, whose partner was Mr F.B Salmon, who lived for a time at Poulton Manor House. He was honorary colonel of the 8th Lancashire Artillery Volunteers. By 1878 William had moved to Clifton Park, Birkenhead and died on February 28th, 1881, aged 57.
Richard Clough Wallasey Village 1876-1885
Richard was born in Wallasey and resided at 'Myatt House’ on Leasowe Road. Richard was a market-gardener and served the Wallasey Local Board from July 1876 to June 1885. Whilst on the Board his son, John, was arrested in November 1883 for assaulting a local man, Patrick Rogan, causing his victim to have his leg amputated. John was given 3 months imprisonment. Richard died in 1916, aged 88 years old.
Edward Warburon Coulborn Liscard 1855-1857,
Edward and his older brother William founded the Wallasey Ferry Service. They sold it to the Wallasey Local Board in 1861 for £60,000 (£5m today). Both served the Local Board for the Parish of Liscard. Edward was Chairman in 1870. Tragedy struck within days of each other when their youngest brother, Richard, died on 23rd February, 1895, aged 83, and on 28th February Edward died aged 85 and on 2nd March William passed away aged 86 years. All death occurring in the same house at The Slopes, St. George's Road, New Brighton. The cold winter being attributed to the cause of their deaths.
William Rushton Coulborn Liscard 1853-1858
Charles Couldwell Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1871-1873
Charles was a gas and water engineer who lived at 3 Alma Terrace in Brighton Street. He was also Chairman of the Seacombe Ratepayers Association which was established to question Local Board taxes in Seacombe.
James Cowan Poulton-cum-Seacombe / Liscard 1868-1870,
James Cowan was a hatter at 59 Dale Street and 2 Manchester Street. Liverpool and was married to Eleanor. At the time he lived at Wallace Villa, Grosvenor Street, Liscard. James was a member of the Seacombe Ratepayers Association and was elected to the Wallasey Local Board in 1868. A running dispute between James and the Ferry Manager, William Carson, occurred for many years. In August James visited the Egremont Ferries workshops but was forcibly removed on Carson's orders which resulted in court action - Carson being ordered to pay 10s and costs. In October 1872 James caused a commotion when he produced a pair of cymbals at the monthly Local Board meeting in Church Street, on which he then commenced to clash and bang loudly. He stated that he wished to be heard by members who he felt ignored his motions. The police were called and James and cymbals were removed from the building. By 1877 James hatter business was put into liquidation and in November 1878 he was employed by the Board as sub-Inspector of Nuisances but the position only lasted a few years when he was repeatedly reprimanded by the Board for insubordination. James tried again to get elected to the Board in 1886 but he did not meet the necessary ratepaying or property qualification (he was listed living with his brother on Greenwood Lane, Liscard). On 14th April, 1886 James entered the monthly Board meeting and refused to leave, grabbing onto the chair he had to be physically ejected. The scene was repeated again a week later and again in September. Though James would repeatedly try to get re-elected his attempts always failed. James died, aged 88, in 1921. So ends a very colourful character.
James Currie Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1873-1879,
James was an accountant and resided at 12 Somerville, Poulton Road. He was Chairman of the Local Board in 1878, 1880 and 1882. James resigned from the Board in July 1887.
William Danger Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1881-1888
William lived at The Larches, Seabank Road, and was a solicitor and commissioner for administering oaths with an office at 35a Castle Street, Liverpool. He was the Chairman of the Local Board in 1885. After the death of the previous Law Clerk to the Board, William Vickers, in October 1890, William Danger replaced him. William resigned from the Board in August 1897 after payment irregularities and absconded.
Richard Danson Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1870-1872 Richard was an architect for Dawson & Davies and an agent for the Royal Insurance Group and resided at 3 Seabank Road.
John Darragh Wallasey Village 1893-1894*
John was a market gardener in Wallasey Village and lived in Green Lane. He died in 1914, aged 76 years old.
Edward Russell Daunt Liscard 1858
Edward served just one term for the Board for the Liscard ward. He was a metal broker and lived in St. George's Mount, New Brighton.
Dr. D.John Davidson South Seacombe 1892-1894*
Resided at 69 Church Street, Egremont, Dr D. John Davidson was a doctor and surgeon. Later he moved to 'Claremount', Seabank Road by the mid 1890's. John served 3 terms on the Wallasey Local Board for the parish of Seacombe.
Ellis Davies Liscard 1864-1873,
Ellis was a Corn Merchant and Miller with a flour mill in Liscard as well as bakers in Borough Road, Brighton Street and Victoria Road. He lived at Irlam House, Seaview Road
John Davies Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1888-1894*
John resided at 1 Gomer Gardens, Seacombe and had a drapers at 2 Brighton Street, Seacombe.
Henry Dawson Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1869
Henry was a gentleman who lived at 3 Wellington Terrace, Wellington Road, North Egremont.
Major Jinks Dean Wallasey Village 1885-1887
Jinks was born in Wallasey in 1845. He lived with his wife, Clara, at 21 Church Street, Egremont. Jinks was a paper hanging manufacturer with his business partner, Samuel Highfield, until the partnership was dissolved in 1880 and later was a paint manufacturer for Dean, Craigmile & Co. He served with the 3rd Cheshire Rifle Volunteers. Jinks served just two terms on the Board for Wallasey Village and died on 3rd March, 1928, aged 82 years old.
Thomas Dean Wallasey Village 1888-1893
Thomas was a market gardener living at North Villa on Leasowe Road. He died in 1896, aged 60 years old, leaving a widow, Louisa, who passed away ten years later.
Isaac Dixon Liscard 1877-1880
Isaac was a Land and Building Surveyor and resided at Albert Cottages, Albert Street, New Brighton. Isaac served one 3 year term on the local board. He built the original New Brighton Baptist Church, Seabank Road, which opened in February 1894.
William Dixon Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1864-1868
William was a Liverpool Merchant who resided at Somerville House, Poulton. In June 1868 William resigned from the Board because he could not devote his time to both his business and the board.
Charles George Dunn Wallasey Village 1889-1894*
Charles was a shipowner for Charles G. Dunn & Co. and resided at Clare Mount, Wallasey Village. Charles served two full terms for the Wallasey Local Board. Charles died in 1898 in Lisbon.
Walter George Elleray Upper Brighton 1892-1894*
Walter was an estate agent, residing at Sandicroft, Victoria Road. He served both the Local Board and the Urban District Council. Walter died in 1903 at the age of 46.
John Ellis Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1879-1882
John lived at 1 Oriel Terrace, Brighton Street, Seacombe. He was a builder and invented the ventilating chimney system for houses. He also built the Grosvenor Brewery in Borough Road.
Paul Evans Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1870-1873
Paul was the proprietor of the Grosvenor Brewery in Borough Road, Seacombe, which was the oldest brewery on the Wirral and Cheshire.
Thomas Evans Liscard 1889,
Thomas owned a drapers at 73 Victoria Road, New Brighton, which traded for more than 50 years. He served 5 terms for the Local Board - two for Liscard and, after the parish was divided into 8 wards from 3, served three more for New Brighton.
William Evans Wallasey Village 1874-1879
William was a gentleman who originally came from Neston. He resided at 4 Waterloo Terrace, Brighton Street, Seacombe. William died on 21st September, 1882, age 79 years old.
Stephen Robert Eyre Liscard 1859, 1863
Stephen was a notable architect who designed St. Albans Church, Liscard, in 1853. He also owned the Ferry Hotel between 1857-1867.
Thomas Fisher Liscard 1853
Thomas resided in Church Street, Egremont. He was a partner in the solicitors 'Fisher & Stone'.
Henry B. Fishwick Wallasey Village 1854-1864
Henry was a watch-case manufacturer and resided at Braddofields, which once stood at the corner of Mayfield Road and Claremont Road.
Robert Gracey Liscard 1893-1894*
Robert was a farmer and contractor at Model Farm, Mill Lane. Robert died on 23rd May, 1899, aged 59 years old and was buried at St. Alban's Church.
Robert Roughly Greene Liscard 1891-1894*
Robert was secretary to the LIverpool Dispensaries and lived at Ingleside, Seabank Road. He was also a Lieutenant-Colonel of the New Brighton company of the 1st Cheshire and Carnarvonshire Artillery volunteers, a predecessor of the Territorial Army. He served four terms on the Local Board and was Chairman of the Urban District Council in 1897. In 1901 Robert became Manager of the Wallasey Tramways. After 22 years of management Robert retired in 1923, aged 70 years old.
William Clayton Greene Wallasey Village 1866-1872
William was ordained as a priest in 1844 and married Ellen Mason in June 1851. He resided for many years at Clare Mount, Claremount Road, where he established a school. In 1865 William retired and soon went into politics where he became Chairman of the Local Board in 1871. William moved to London in 1872. he died at his home in July 1892, age 76 years old after a long illness.
James Harrison Wallasey Village 1854,
James, with his brother Thomas, founded the well-known firm of T. and J Harrison Ltd. Shipowners. He lived at The Laund, which was on the corner of Claremount Road and Broadway Avenue. He had originally come from Cockerham, near Lancashire during the 1840's. In 1879 when his wife died and after the marriage of his son, Frederic the following year, James purchased an estate in Kent, where he lived until his own death in 1891.
Josiah M. Hawkins Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1887-1893
In the 1880's Josiah resided at 6 Beatrice Street, Seacombe. He served 2 full terms for Seacombe (when Seacombe was divided into two wards in July 1892 Josiah served North Seacombe). In the same year Josiah was noted for living at 13 The Grove, Somerville, Poulton.
William Heap J.P Liscard 1875–1878, 1886–1892
William was born on 23rd September, 1826 at Padham in Lancashire. William came to the Wirral in 1835 and started work for Thomas Brassey, the well-known railway contractor.  He rose to the position as Sub-Manager of the Bridge Department.  He resided, first at 14 Somerville in Poulton, then later at ‘Elm Mount’, Penkett Road. William was Chairman of the Local Board in 1889 and was fundamental in purchasing the Liscard Estate, with the intention of creating a public park. William was also a member of the Victoria Central Hospital and the Cottage Hospital committees and was also treasury of the Dispensary which gave free medical treatment to the poor. He served the district as a Justice of the Peace. William Heap died on 10th March, 1912, aged 85 years old.
John Herron Liscard 1886-1894*
Captain John Herron was a Master Mariner, Shipowner and Justice of the Peace. He was born in Ireland in 1830 and by the time he was 13 years old he was apprenticed to a Liverpool shipowner, and obtained his Master's Ticket. In 1856 he was ferrying British troops to the Crimea and later to India during the Indian Mutiny. In the 1860s John seafaring days came to an end as he became a Shipowner. In 1883 he moved to Clifton Hall, Withens Lane. In 1886 John was elected to the Wallasey Local Board for Liscard and in 1892 was the Chairman. He died 24th May, 1897 and is buried at Flaybrick Cemetery, Birkenhead. His name was commemorated by naming a ferry boat after him in his honour.
Charles Hesketh Hill Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1853-1856,
Charles lived at Rose Cottage which still stands opposite Burns Avenue on Seaview Road. He was an attorney with his office at 40 North John Street, Liverpool. He died in 1875, aged 60 years old.
William Gaskell Holland Liscard 1887-1891
William lived at Liscard Vale House and was a merchant with offices at 35a Castle Street, Liverpool.
George Holmes Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1857-1864
George was a sailmaker for Dixon & Holmes and he lived in Brougham Road, Seacombe. During his time on the Local Board he was Chairman of the Finance Committee.
George Edward Holt Wallasey Village 1868-1871
George resided at Fern Hill, Rowson Street. He was a Chartered Accountant in Liverpool and was Chairman of the Birkenhead Brewery Company for many years. He passed away, aged 90, in 1912.
James Hosack Liscard 1860-1864
James was an gentleman who lived at Swiss Cottage, off Seaview Road, Liscard.
Timothy Bristow Hughes Liscard 1856-1867,
Timothy lived at Seabank Cottages, Liscard and was listed as a gentleman. He served three times as the Local Boards Chairman and died in Leftwich, Cheshire, on 14th March, 1892, aged 76 years old.
Robert Isaac Wallasey Village 1860-1865
Robert was a well-known Liverpool wholesale and retail fishmonger and lived at Buxton House, in Wallasey Village. Robert died aged 50 in 1865.
Peter Isherwood Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1868-1874, 1876-1880
Peter lived at Falkland House, 25 Falkland Road, Egremont. He was Chairman of the Local Board in 1873. Peter died in 1909, aged 82 years old.
Wensley Tyrell Jacob Liscard 1863-1866
Wensley resided at Mount Pleasant House, Mount Pleasant Road, and served one 3 year term for Liscard. Wensley was a merchant and partner in the firm Peel, Jacob and Co. He died on 3rd April, 1897, aged 79 years old, and left his estate, worth £155,533 4s 6d. to his son and daughter.
Francis Johnston Liscard 1874-1878,
Francis was a steamship owner and head of Robert Gilchrist & Co., Liverpool and lived at Manor Lodge, Manor Road. In 1878 Francis was a passenger on the ferry-boat 'Gem' which collided with a Brocklebank ship 'Blowfell'. Francis was rescued but lost his hearing. He was the Chairman of the Local Board in 1883. By 1900 he was living at 6 Wilton Street, Liscard. In 1920 Francis and his wife moved to Noctorum where he died in 1929, age 90 years old.
John Joyce Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1882-1894*
John was born in 1852 in Seacombe. In the late 1880's he resided at North Meade, Egremont and then later at 25 Seabank Road. John was a Shipowner and served both the Local Board and the Urban District Council for many years as well as being a Justice of the Peace for Chester. In 1910 a ferryboat was named after him - 'John Joyce'. He died in 1921, aged 71 years old.
Alfred Clement Kent Liscard 1869-1872
Alfred was an attorney and agent and resided in Montpelier Crescent. He served the parish of Wallasey Village for one three year term.
George Briscoe Kerford Liscard 1858-1864
George was a merchant who resided at Buena Vista, New Brighton, with his wife Mary. George was appointed a magistrate for the Hundred of Wirral in 1874. He was also Consul for the Reoublic of Ecuador and Nicaragus. George died on 30th May, 1888, aged 77 years old. His son, George Briscoe was the 10th Premier of Victoria, Australia.
George Hall Lawrence Liscard 1853-1854
George was a merchant residing in New Brighton and served 2 terms for Liscard. He was well known in Liverpool where he was one of the Directors of the London and North Western Railway and was also Liverpool Mayor in 1846. In 1851 he was made a magistrate for the Wirral Hundred of Cheshire. George died on 15th January, 1869, aged 68 years old, at Mossley Hill, Liverpool.
Thomas Layland Wallasey Village 1870-1873
Thomas was an architect with an office at 49 North John Street and resided at Stone House, Breck Road, which once stood close to the Black Horse pub. Thomas died at his father's address at 61 Berkley Street, Liverpool, on 22nd April 1879, aged 45 years old.
John Lea Liscard 1892
John only served one term for the Wallasey Local Board. He was a coach builder for Steeler & Millet and resided at 2 Egerton Grove, Liscard.
Walker Frederick Lee North Seacombe 1893-1894*
Walker lived at 5 Bradford Terrace, Church Road and was a Pawnbroker and Clothier, with shops at 70 and 72 Borough Road, Seacombe. He died in 1922, aged 74.
Harold Littledale Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1853,
Harold was the longest serving Wallasey Local Board Member and became well-repected in the Parish. He was a Liverpool merchant who came to live at Liscard Hall, Central Park, after the death of his father-in-law, Sir John Tobin, in 1851. Harold would go on to build Model Farm, Mill Lane, which was the subject of considerable interest all over the country as well as abroad. He was also a member of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board for 30 years. Harold passed away on 9th March, 1889, aged 86 and lies buried in St. Hilary's Churchyard.
Richard Lowndes Wallasey Village 1864-1867
Richard lived at Rose Bank, Grove Road and was a Average Adjuster. He was President of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for many years before resigning in October 1884. He moved to Hastings, East Sussex in the same year where he became a Justice of the Peace before passing away on 11th April, 1888.
Lewis Lloyd Wallasey Village 1888-1891
Lewis was a cotton broker and resided for many years at Millbank, Mill Lane.
Edward McGeoch North Seacombe 1892-1894*
Edward was a building contractor with his brother Robert and resided at 3 York Terrace, Wilson Road (off Brighton Street). He served the parish of North Seacombe from 1892-1894.
Robert McGeoch Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1885-1894
Robert was a building contractor with his brother Edward and resided at 1 York Terrace, Wilson Road. Robert was the last Chairman of the Local Board in 1894 before it became the Wallasey Urban District Council in December 1894.
John McInnes Wallasey Village 1866-1869
John represented Wallasey Village for the Local Board for 3 years (1 term). John resided at Heath Bank, Wallasey Village and made his money after leaving Scotland by patenting a special anti-fouling composition for ships' bottoms. He died in December 1896.
William Burton Marshall Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1858–1867
William was born in 1825 in Hull and served three 3 full terms for the Wallasey Local Board. He was a Liverpool merchant and a manufacturing chemist and resided at 21 Church Street, Egremont with his wife Harriet. William died in 1895.
Joseph Taylor Martin Wallasey Village 1880-1883
Joseph was a merchant of Jos.M & Son, He resided at St. Hilary, Grove Road. Joseph served two terms on the Local Board and died 11th August, 1882, aged 81 years old.
George Mason Liscard 1868-1873
George once owned the 'Royal Ferry Hotel', Victoria Road. Earlier he once ran the 'Queen's Hotel', Conway Street, Birkenhead. George was a wealthy shipowner and served five years for the Local Board. Mason Street, off Victoria Road, was named after him.
William Edward Maude Liscard 1860
William was a merchant and commission agent for zinc rollers at W.E. Maude and Co., and resided at Warwick Villa, Wellington Road, New Brighton.
Thomas Napier Egremont 1893-1894*
Thomas was a medical doctor and surgeon and served both the Local Board and the Urban District Council for the parish of Egremont. He resided at Darlington House, Darlington Street, Egremont. Thomas died in 1917, aged 74 years old.
William James Nelson Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1877–1880,
William lived at 3 Beach Bank, Manor Road and later 5 Marine Terrace, Magazines, New Brighton and was an accountant estate insurance and financial agent with offices at 25 Lord Street, Liverpool. Unfortunately William was made bankrupt in May 1884 and when the petition was made he absconded.
Frederick North Liscard 1865-1867
Frederick lived at Ewart House, Wellington Road. He was a great benefactor in the town and a strong supporter of St. James Church, New Brighton. It was through him that the church were able to build the church hall. Frederick died at the age of 78 in 1910. North Drive is named after him.
Thomas Odell Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1853,
Thomas was a publican of the Stanley Arms Hotel, 76 Borough Road, Seacombe.
Dr. Alfred Parr LIscard 1857-1860
Alfred was a surgeon and resided in St. George's Mount, New Brighton with his wife Louise and was involved with the ‘Convalescent Home For Women and Children’ in Rowson Street. He served one full three year term for the Board.
George Hunter Peers Wallasey Village 1882-1892
George was born in 1846 and was a Cotton Broker as well as a Justice of the Peace. He lived first at Rock Villa, New Brighton, and then later at Millthwaite, on the Breck. George served the Local Board for ten years and was Chairman in 1890. He was a great Christian Benefactor to the Community. He purchased land in St. George's Road, Wallasey Village, and erected a large club house for the purpose of a meeting place for local men to have a game of chess, backgammon and, later, Billiards and Snooker. Outside there was a Bowling Green. It took the name of 'The Wallasey Working Men's Club and Institute' and opened in the Autumn of 1877. Members paid a 6d subscription and refreshments was sold, but no alcohol was allowed. After George's death in 1914, the Committee decided to change the name of the Club to 'The Wallasey G.H. Peers Institute'. Today it is known as 'Wallasey G.H. Peers Club'.
Isaac Penny Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1853-1857,
Isaac was the first Chairman of the Wallasey Local Board when it was established in July 1853. He was a successful Share Broker for the firm 'Horsfall & Penny' in Liverpool and was originally a native of Ulverston, Cumbria. He lived at various properties in Wallasey including Elm Cottage, Poulton Road, Liscard Manor, Egremont and Millbank, Mill Lane. Isaac was also Justice of the Peace from 1871. He died on 3rd December, 1880, aged 69 years old.
George Percival Liscard 1867
George resided at Beach Bank, Manor Road and was a shipowner and agent for Princes Patent Candle. Co. Ltd. He died in 1887, aged 64 years old.
William Peskett Upper Brighton 1892-1894*
William resided at 'Breeze Hill', (Upper) Rowson Street and was a secretary (later Chairman) to the British Workman's Public House Co. Ltd., with the office at 5 Chapel Street, Liverpool. They were a temperance society which promoted abstinence from alcohol.
Charles William Harrison Pickering Liscard 1868-1871
Charles was born on 9th November 1815 in Liverpool. He resided at Monte Bello, St. George's Mount and was a partner in a private bank of Pickering & Schroder. Charles was married to Elizabeth and he served one full 3 year term for the parish of Liscard. He died on 2nd March 1881 and was buried at St. Hilary's churchyard. Pickering Road was named after him.
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Frank Pooley Liscard 1873-1877,
Frank was a Cotton Broker in the firm of Erskiggs & Pooley. In the 1870s he resided at Clarence Lodge, Penkett Road, before moving to Homecroft, Manor Road, in the 1880s after the death of his namesake, Henry Pooley. In 1877 Frank presented a font to the newly consecrated church of St. Mary's, Liscard, as a gift. In April 1886 Frank qualified as a magistrate and in the same year was made Chairman of the Wirral Liberal Association. During his time with the Local Board he was Chairman in 1884 as well as Chairman of the Ferry Committee. He resigned from the Board in March 1887. Frank took an active roll in local charities including being the treasurer to Seacombe Cottage Hospital and supporting the children's destitution charity, 'Newsboys Home', Everton Road, Liverpool. Frank died in 1906, aged 71 years old at his residence in Wallasey.
Henry Pooley Liscard 1853-1862,
Henry was one of the first members of the new local board in 1853 and would go onto to be it's Chairman five times. He resided at Home Croft, Manor Road. His firm of Henry Pooley & Sons built the Water Tower on Mill Lane in the 1860's. Henry died 1st September, 1878, at his residence in Wallasey.
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John Prendeville Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1878-1881
John was a steam-tug owner who resided at 4 River View, Seacombe and, later, at No.1 Martin's Lane, Liscard. In the 1860's he had the steam tug 'Royal Arch'.
Robert Wheeler Preston Liscard 1882-1888
Robert served 5 terms on the Board and was Chairman in 1887. He was a wine merchant living at Clare Lodge, Claremount Road.
Robert Ramage Liscard 1878-1880
Robert was a gentleman who lived on Seabank Road. He died on 10th November, 1883, aged 61 years old.
Rev. Edward Roberts Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1854-1860
Edward was the first incumbent of St.Paul's Church, Seacombe. He lived at Seacombe House, Seacombe. Edward was also the Vice-Chairman of Wallasey Dispensary. Edward left Wallasey in January 1864.
John Robinson Poulton 1892-1894*
John resided at Manor Farm, Poulton and was a teamowner and contractor and dealer in sand and ballast with an office at 10 Poole Road, Birkenhead. He served both the Local Board and the Urban District Council. John died on 4th January, 1900, aged 54 years old after a long illness.
George Scott Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1880
George only served less than 2 months on the Board as he died on 21st August, 1880 at his residence in New Brighton, aged 63 years old. At the time of his death he was a butcher on Victoria Road, New Brighton.
Joseph Sillitoe Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1878, 1880
Joseph was a tea dealer who was living in Falkland Road (No.12) at Rheidol Villa. He married his wife, Elizabeth, in October 1853. The house was named after the place where his wife's family came from. Joseph died on 16th March, 1895, aged 83 years old.
William Singlehurst Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1856-1858
William was a Broker and lived at Poulton Lodge, Poulton. He served two years on the Local Board.
Henry Skinner Liscard 1869-1872,
Henry was a shoe and bootmaker from Liscard Village. He was elected to the Board in 1869 and even though he was not regarded as a ‘gentleman’ by the more upper-class elite of the parish, Henry was proven to be a great oratory. Henry was for a long time the Chairman of the Works and Health Committee which oversaw many improvements in the parish. Henry died on 22nd July, 1885, aged 55 years old.
Captain Henry Smith Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1867-1871,
Henry was a barrister-at-law and late captain for R.L.M. Resided at Springfield, Greenwood Lane, Liscard. Henry was Chairman of the Local Board two times - in 1869 and 1870.
Joseph Spedding Egremont 1892-1894*
Joseph was a colliery agent and lived at 14 Falkland Road, Egremont. He died in 1924, aged 81 years old.
Richard Steel Liscard / Upper Brighton 1887-1894*
Richard was a Cotton Broker who lived at Zig Zag Hall. He was the first Chairman of the Wallasey Urban District Council on its formation in 1894. He had the reputation of being rather forthright, and on one occasion, when having made some somewhat libelous remarks about another member, Mr Albert Tomlinson Wright, a well known Solicitor, at one of the meetings, he found a Writ on his breakfast-table the next morning, and was forced to make a tactical withdrawal. On another occasion, in 1906, he sued John Joyce, the shipowner, for slander over the case of a Corporation employee who had been dismissed for embezzlement. The action was heard at St. George's Hall and a excited a good deal of local interest, but after hearing the evidence the jury found in favour of Joyce. Richard died in 1910 aged 71 years old.
Thomas English Stephens Liscard 1877-1880
Thomas resided at Seafield, Victoria Road in New Brighton and was a partner in the firm of solicitors, ‘Stephens and Danger’. Though Thomas served only one 3 year term he was however Chairman of the Wallasey Local Board in 1879. Thomas was also a partner in silk merchants until he retired in August 1886. Thomas then moved to Purley, London where he became a barrister-in-law.
Stanley Sutton Wallasey Village 1872-1876
Stanley lived at Stanley Cottages in Rake Lane. Tragedy struck in March 1876 when Stanley's wife, Belinda, died at the age of 43.
Frederick Symons Poulton 1892-1894*
Frederick worked and resided at Dodd & Symons Estate Agents at 85 Brighton Street, Seacombe. Frederick died aged 43 in 1905.
Joseph Thompson Liscard 1865
Joseph was a Corn Broker who came to live at Ellery Park, Hose Side Road, in 1841. Joseph died in 1869, aged 83. His wife, Jane, died just a few days later, aged 81.
Charles John Waldron Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1882,
Charles resided at 78 Wheatland Lane and was a oil and colour merchant.
John Henry Walker Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1882-1886
John resided at 1 Tabor Street, Seacombe and was a Druggist and Chemist. In his four terms on the Board he was Chairman of the School Attendance Committee for three years..
Henry D. Bird Wall Liscard 1882-1887
Henry was a partner in the paint manufacturer business of Goodlass, Wall. & Co. He resided at Braddofields, Claremount Road. Henry died in October, 1897.
Joseph Walmsley Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1866,
Joseph began his career in medicine but later adopted the profession as a civil engineer. He was present at the time of the Indian Mutiny of 1857 whilst residing in Calcutta. On his return back to England he settled in Wallasey at Brougham House, Seacombe, where he served the Local Board for almost 30 years, serving as its Chairman in 1881. Joseph died on 18th October, 1896.
Thomas Houghton Ward Liscard 1892-1894*
Thomas had been the Board's Assistant Overseer and Collector of Poor Rates for Liscard since the 1860's. He lived at 18 Mill Lane, Liscard and served 3 terms for the Local Board.
Charles Wells Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1880-1883
Charles was a metal broker residing at 2 River View, Seacombe. After the death of board member George Scott, in August 1880, Charles was nominated to replace the vacant seat.
James Wensley Wallasey Village 1871-1874,
James was an insurance agent living at 5 Grosvenor Terrace on Grosvenor Road, New Brighton.
Captain John D. Williams Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1866-1869
John lived at Seacombe House, Seacombe and was manager of the Dundalk & Newry Steamers. Tragedy would strike John on 17th July 1873 when his 19 year old daughter, Miss Margaret Mary Williams, accidentally drowned whilst bathing below the Seacombe Hotel gardens. She had only just returned from Boarding School. John died in 1885, age 70 years old.
John Wilson Poulton-cum-Seacombe 1853-1859
John was a gentleman who lived at 1 River View Terrace, Egremont. He died on 27th November, 1867, aged 83 years old.
John Wortley Liscard 1887-1889
John lived at 8 Liscard Terrace, Liscard Road and was originally an assistant overseer and collector of poor rates for the Wallasey Local Board.
Albert Tomlinson Wright Wallasey Village 1872-1878,
Albert followed his father's footsteps professionally as a practising attorney, and, ultimately, as a senior partner in the family law firm of Wright, Beckett and Wright. Co. Ltd. of Water Street, Liverpool. Albert lived at 'The Springs' in Wallasey Village. He was elected to the board at the young age of 22 and by the time he was 30 Albert was the Chairman of the Board, a position he held for four years. In the 1890s and early 1900s Wright represented both Wallasey Ward on Wallasey Urban District Council (formed in December 1894) and the New Brighton and Wallasey Division on Cheshire County Council, upon he gained the distinction of being elected an Alderman. Albert finally left the area in 1906, moving to Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry, on the Welsh Borders, where he died at his home in 1911 at the age of 67.
James Wright Egremont 1892-1894*
James was a schoolmaster and lived at 6 Church Street, Egremont. He served one 3-year term for the Local Board and went on to become the Chairman of the Wallasey Urban District in 1900.
*In December 1894 the Wallasey Local Board became the Urban District Council