Kings Parade Promenade Survey

Priestley and Sons Photograph Survey
February 3rd, 1931

An ambitious scheme of building a concrete sea wall, a promenade 130 feet wide, 46 acres of public gardens, a marine lake, open-air bathing pool and approach roads between Marine Park and Harrison Drive was undertook by the Local Council as part of the Wallasey Corporation Act, 1927. In February, 1931, Priestley & Sons, Wallasey's foremost photographers, accepted a commision to record a survey of the area before the work began.

Most of the houses recorded still stand together and their story is told in Mansions of Wallasey : Wellington Road Villas

Ellerslie, with St. James Church spire on the left in the distance
Ellerslie, Wellington Road
View of Atherton Street, Warwick Villa on the right
View from L-R: Warwick Villa, Inveresk, Swiss Cottage & Swiss Villas
L-R: Inveresk, Swiss Cottages, Swiss Villas, Redcliffe
L-R: Claremont Villa, Walmer Villa, Clifton Villa. Ewart House beyond
Redcliffe, Wellington Road
L-R: Claremont Villa, Walmer Villa, Clifton Villa and Portland Villa
L-R: Edge of Clifton Villa, Portland Villa and Stamford Villa
L-R: Stamford Villa with Horton Villa on the corner of Portland Street.
View of Portland Street to the left with standstone outcrop to the right.
Ewart House, Wellington Road
Ewart Villas in the centre and Rock Villas on the right
Ewart House centre with Ewart Villas to the right
Rock Villa, Wellington Road
Ewart House stands high above the rock formation
Entrance to the caves near Rock Villa, blocked when the promenade was built