Wallasey NEWS
February 15th 1902

Theft At Liscard.
Father Goes To Jail For His Son’s Crime.

Before Messrs. W. Heap and J.C. Stead, at the Wallasey Police Court on Wednesday, Thomas Patrick White (13) Liscard, was charged on remand with having stolen 11½d. belonging to William Gordon Pemberton, at Liscard, on 14th January. His father was charged under the Youthful Offenders’ Act. 1901, with having conduced to the commission of the offence by failing to exercise due care and control over his son. This was the first case under the new Act in the district.

On the date in question the lad was selling the “Echo” in Liscard, when prosecutor sent his little girl for one, telling her to take a half-penny from the shop till. He afterwards found she had taken a shilling.

Sergt. Swords said the lad admitted to him he had taken it, after having first denied it. He threw the coin on the grass when going into the police station.

The lad pleaded guilty.

Evidence that the older defendant neglected to look after his children was given by Supt. McDonald, Sergt. Swords and Inspector Kynaston (school attendance). The first-named said the lad had already been birched for housebreaking and convicted of theft. Another son was in a reformatory.

Defendant alleged that Mr. Kynaston had, in the course of a school attendance case, said he (defendant) did not pay for his lad being in the reformatory.

Mr. Kynaston indignantly denied having said anything of the kind.

Supt. McDonald also denied the allegation.

The book was then bought and it was shown that he had only paid 5s. for his son since last June. He had already been in jail for failing to pay.

A fine of 10s. or in default seven days was imposed for the theft, the penalty falling upon the father.

He asked for time in which to pay, but was refused.

His wife was in court, and when appealed to by her husband, flatly refused to pay the fine.

Defendant was also fined 5s. with the option of three days for having been drunk and disorderly in Liscard on Tuesday. He met a constable, and made allegations about Mr. Kynaston. Refusing to go home, he was locked up.

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