Liverpool Echo
12th August 1975

Fight To Save The Avenue

Liberal councillor Mrs. Kate Wood is fighting to prevent another of New Brighton’s link with the past disappearing.

Councillor Mrs. Kate Wood, and the cottages she is campaigning to save.

A group of sandstone buildings called The Avenue, which used to provide homes for lighthouse keepers 150 years ago, face demolition because of their poor condition.

A compulsory purchase order has been confirmed by the Department of Environment.

Mrs. Wood feels that recent reprieves granted to houses in nearby Egerton Street and Seymour Street should also include The Avenue.

There has been too much demolition,” she said. “With the shortage of housing, we don’t need more vacant sites. The Government should offer more encouragement to keep old houses and have them upgraded rather than continually demolishing.”

With intelligent planning, she said, the houses could blend in well with redevelopment plans for New Brighton.

Generations of New Brighton families have been brought up in The Avenue despite the absence of bathrooms and inside toilets.

Councillor Harry Deverill, Conservative Chairman of Wirral Housing and Environmental Services Committee, has visited the sandstone houses, but reserved his judgment until he gets expert advice.

Wirral’s Deputy Director of Housing and Environmental Health, Mr. Ken Hodgson, said: “I don’t really see that we can make a case for retaining anything within the existing programme.

“I can’t see anything substantially different in respect of The Avenue than it was two years ago when the Department of the Environment confirmed the C.P.O.

“The houses can’t be made fit for human habitation at reasonable cost. The only solution Is demolition and this has been confirmed by the Minister.

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