Liverpool Mercury
Monday, 25th July, 1887

Jubilee Demonstration At Wallasey

Owing to the prevalence of measles amongst many of the children attending the elementary schools of Wallasey, the committee who had the management of the Jubilee celebration very properly determined not to hold the demonstration on the 21st ultimo, but to postpone it until a later date.

The epidemic of measles having now passed away, the celebration took place on Saturday last, and afforded much enjoyment and pleasure to the large number of juveniles who were privileged to participate in it. Some week ago more than one public meeting was held to devise the best means of celebrating her Majesty’s Jubilee, and it was resolved that the demonstration should take the form of a treat to the children attending the elementary schools of the parish. To defray the expense the sum of £150 was subscribed, and with the money the committee were not only enabled to provide a substantial tea for the juveniles, but to present each child with a neat mug, or cup, bearing the likeness of the Queen, as a souvenir of the interesting event.

The children assembled at their respective schools about two o’clock, and accompanied by their teachers and the various ministers of religion, marched to the large field known as the Old Wallasey Grammar School ground, which they reached shortly before three o’clock. The weather was beautifully fine, and there was a great gathering of spectators. No fewer than 4200 children assembled, and as each school exhibited a profusion of small flags and banners, the sight was a very pretty one.

The following schools were represented:- Seacombe: St. Paul’s, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic, Mission House, Wesleyan and Egremont.

New Brighton: St. Peter and St. Paul’s Roman Catholic, St. James (Egerton Street), St. James (Magazine Lane), and Rake Lane. Wallasey and Liscard: Wallasey Boys’, Wallasey Girls, Poulton, St. Mary’s. Amongst the gentlemen present were Mr. W.Chambres, chairman of the committee; Mr. W. Secretary; Mr. F.J.Harrison, honorary treasurer; Rev. W.E.B. Gunn, the Rev.Dr.Muir, the Rev. Canon Firth, the Rev. Canon Maraden, the Rev. A.E.P. Grey, the Rev. J.H.D. Cochrane, the Rev. Mr. Pinhorn, the Rev. J.F. Howson, the Rev. R.J. Weatherhead, the Rev. C.J. Foster, the Rev. Father Stanton, the Rev. R. Peart, the Rev. E.Stockdale,; Messrs. G.H. Peers, T.R. Bulley, W.T. Jacob, G.W. Fisher, R.J. Francis, W.B. Marshall, F. Pooley, &c.

With the children were five or six bands of music, and the procession on the field were headed by the New Brighton battery of the 1st Cheshire and Carnarvonshire Artillery Volunteers, under the command of Captain Parker and Lieutenant Nolid, After the juveniles had been marshalled on the ground, Mr W. Chambres delivered a short address, in which he congratulated all present upon having the opportunity to assemble to do honour to one whom God had spared to reign over the country for 50 years, and who during that time had discharged every duty as a Queen, as a wife, and as a mother, in a manner that had won the approbation of the nation. He did not wish to detain the large assembly, but he would again congratulate them on the fineness of the weather, and it was their earnest wish that God would spare her majesty for many years to occupy the high position she now held, and that she would continue to discharge all the duties appertaining to the Throne with the same zeal and fidelity that had marked her previous career. Enthusiastic cheers followed, and the juveniles sang the National Anthem and two hymns in capital style, the playing of the bands adding greatly to the general affect. Preceded by the volunteers, the children then “marched past” in good order, and, leaving the field, proceeded along Penkett Road to Manor Road. Here the procession separated, and the juveniles marched to their respective schools, where they were treated to tea and other refreshment on the most liberal scale. Sports and different amusements concluded the juvenile Jubilee demonstration in the parish of Wallasey.

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