Liverpool Mercury
Tuesday, 1st September, 1896

Lantern Parade At Wallasey

The spirit of carnival has developed in this district to a large extent during the past few years, and the latest example, a lantern parade and fancy dress festival at New Brighton, Egremont, and Seacombe last evening, proved one of the prettiest gatherings of the kind which has been held. Fortunately for the success of the festival, the weather, which is, perhaps the chief factor to success in outdoor affairs of this nature, was favourable until the proceedings were well over, and the ladies and gentlemen in fancy dress who formed the procession, and the thousands of spectators who thronged the line of route, were enabled to enjoy the proceedings in comparative comfort. The object of the carnival was to help the funds of the Liverpool and New Brighton Lifeboat Institute, and numerous willing volunteers gave aid in various ways to make the festival a success.  The start was made at dusk from the Horse Shoe at New Brighton Pier, and the procession was divided into sections, each of which was headed by a band. Among the several hundred cyclists who formed part of the procession, some exceedingly pretty, striking, and grotesque characters were to be noticed, while the members of the various harrier, athletic, and swimming clubs and minstrel troupes, who were indefatigable with their collecting boxes, were attired in every variety of fanciful and humorous costume. The hundreds of coloured lanterns and lights, with which the vehicles and cycles were adorned, gave a lively and picturesque appearance to the scene as the procession slowly made its way along the appointed route. The first section was led by Chief Superintendent Hindley, on horseback, a number of outriders, the local fire brigade, the 1st Cheshire and Carnarvonshire A.V Band, the New Brighton lifeboat and crew, drawn by five horses, on a lorry; the 1st Cheshire Bugle Band, and the chairman’s, secretaries’, and treasurer’s carriage. The second section was headed by the Gleam of Sunshine Band and the ladies’ committee carriage, the third by the Workshops for the Blind Band, and the fourth by the Moreton Brass Band. The route taken was along Victoria Road, Rowson Street, Seabank Road, Ling Street (Egremont), Brighton Street, Seacombe Ferry, St. Paul’s Road, Church Road, Victoria Road (Seacombe), Liscard Road, Liscard Village, Rake Lane and Upper Brighton, back to the starting point. A feature of the procession, which showed good organisation, was the prompt start at the advertised time, and the avoidance of delays and stoppages which, as a rule, characterise undertakings of this kind. The tradesmen of New Brighton and Seacombe materially helped the success of the spectacle by a liberal display of bunting and coloured lanterns, and the discharge of fireworks.

Prizes were awarded for the best turnouts, both harriers and cyclists, as well as for the best collectors. These were as follows :-

Cyclists – Best Illuminated Machine: 1. W. Ridley (West Kirby), “Sultan”; 2. F. Gell (Liscard), “Eastern Prince.” Neatest Costume: 1. B.Hands (New Brighton), “Japanese.” Most Comic: 1. T.Smith (New Brighton), “Old Lady”, 2. A.Medalf, “Irish Sailor.” Most Original: 1. H.Silcock (West Kirby), “Neptune up to date.” Neatest Character Dress (lady): 1. Miss Alice Crouch, “Italian Flower Girl.”; 2. Miss. Carson, “Little Red Riding Hood.” Best Tableaux: 1. R.Jenkins, “Winter,” 2. T.Bell and E.Howard as “Weary Willie and his Wife on the Road.” Best Illuminated Tandem: 1 W. And A.Crouch, “Duke’s Cameo”;  2. Brothers Soloman, “Darkies.” A special prize was accorded to Mr. W.R. Richards for his representation of the famous Sussex cricketer, Prince Ranjitsinhji. The judges of the above events were Messrs. F.T Parry, R.R Ellis, J.Greetham, J.F Hughes, and F.H Smith. The harriers’ turnout was none the less attractive, and competition in this respect was exceptionally keen. The following were the wards in regard to this particular section :-

Most Comic Harrier: H. Walker (Xaverian Darkies), “Negro Lady.” Neatest Costume: J.P Breckenridge, “Louis XVI.” Most Original Costume: 1. J.F Walker, “Light Railways”; 2. E.N.T Mitchell, “King Winter”; 3. H.Knight, “Tiny.” Neatest Dressed Boy Under 14: J.A Salisbury, “Black and White.” Neatest Dressed Girl Under 14:  Francis Drew. “Gipsy.” Neatest Dressed on Horseback: I.S.P Chambers, “Indian”; 2. J.H Scott, “Jockey.” Neatest Dressed Marshall on Horseback: S. Lowe, “Hussar.” Most Comical Dressed Marshall on Horseback: “Clown”, F. Gibson. Special Prizes: Miss Phillipps, “Harvest”; Master A.E Walker, “Mornington Cannon”; J. Bushell, “Dick Turpin”; “Neopolitan.” Miss Agnes Benson: “Negro Clown,“ M.M Robertson”; “Red Indian,” A. Hulme; “Charley’s Aunt,” H. Hooton; “Acrobat,” E. Battersby; “Dashing Cavalier,” --- Colley; “Upside Down,” E. Bagot, “Illuminated Premises” (extra prize), Mrs. Tate, 51 Brighton Street, Seacombe. Prizes were given to shopkeepers for special displays, and these were accorded to – 1. Mrs. Outram, Victoria Road, New Brighton; 2 Mrs. Dale, Brighton Street, Seacombe; 3. Mrs. Huxley, New Brighton Hotel. In connection with the affair, Old English Sports were held on the shore at New Brighton in the afternoon. The following were the results:-- Boy’s race: 1. Claude Tregenze; 2. J. Leach; 3. J. Thornton. Girls Race: 1. Maud Jones; 2. Florrie Jones; 3. Alberta Clegg. Egg-and-Spoon Race: Margaret Harrison. Sack Race: 1 J. Daniels; 2. J. Leach. Donkey Race: Mrs Stephenson. Climbing the Greasy Pole: Thomas Hayes. The following were the chief officials of the parade :-- President, Mr. Charles Birchall; chairman, Mr. J.W Brien; vice-chairman, Messrs F.H Smith, R.B. Robertson, J. Greetham, J. Bennett, J. Ward Dale and R.R Ellis; honorary treasurer Mr. C. Huxley; and general honorary secretary, Mr. John F. Walker.

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