Wirral NEWS
19th January 1963

Poulton Clearance Order Will Affect 118 Families

Clearance area that is marked in the above map.

Another clearance scheme involving over 100 houses occupied by 118 families in Poulton was approved by the Wallasey Council on Thursday. The clearance area – No. 110. Clayton Lane, Clearance Order, 1963 – affects the following properties:-

Even numbers 2/44 inclusive, Rankin Street; odd numbers 3/15 inclusive and even numbers 2.22, Clayton Lane; even numbers  2/18 inclusive and odd numbers 1/17 inclusive, Juliet Street; even numbers 2/20 inclusive and odd numbers 1/21 inclusive Portia Street; even numbers 2/24 inclusive and odd number 1/5 inclusive, Rosalind Street; even numbers 2/14 inclusive and odd numbers 1/9 inclusive Romeo Street; odd numbers 65/69 inclusive and 73/85 inclusive, Limekiln Lane, and the stables at the rear of No. 3 Romeo Street.

The Council approved the making of the Compulsory Purchase Order which will be submitted to the Minister of Housing and Local Government for confirmation.

The Council’s decision follows a representation made to the General Health Committee by the Medical Officer of Health and the Chief Public Health Inspector requesting that the area be compulsory acquired for housing purposes on the grounds that the dwelling houses in the area are unfit for human habitation or are by reason of their bad arrangement of the streets dangerous or injurious to the health of the inhabitants of the area. The most satisfactory method of dealing with the conditions was the demolition of all the buildings in the area defined on a map in such manner as to exclude from that area any building which was not fit for human habitation or dangerous or injurious to health.

The Council is satisfied that where suitable accommodation available for the persons who will be displaced by the clearance does not already exist the Council can provide or secure the provision of such accommodation in advance of the displacements which will from time to time become necessary as the demolition of buildings proceeds.

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