Liverpool Mercury
Thursday, May 18th, 1899

Properties to Let & Buy

Apartment to be let

Egremont – 3 Serpentine Road – Super APARTMENTS, with or without partial board, for Gentleman dining in town; moderate terms.

Egremont – Comfortable APARTMENTS; suit two gentlemen or married couple. Terms moderate – Apply 19 Pool Road.

Egremont – Front APRTMENTS: would suit gentleman; good cooking and attendance; bath, &c. – 6, Blenheim Road, facing Mariners’ Home, off Promenade (five minutes from ferry).

Egremont –Front Sitting Room and Bedroom, bath, piano and every home comfort; near to tram and ferry; 10s per week. – 12 Brompton Avenue, Egremont.

Egremont – 40, Claredon Road – SITTING ROOM and single or Double Bedded Room; near ferry and bus.

Egremont – Comfortable BED and SITTING ROOM (bath, hot and cold water); near ferry, no other lodgers or children; terms moderate – 34, Wright Street.

Egremont – APARTMENTS for two or three Gentlemen in well furnished house; terms moderate. – 60 Falkland Road.

Egremont – Comfortable Front APARTMENTS, close to both ferries and promenade; bath, piano; terms moderate – 37, Littledale Road.

Liscard – 4, Sheen Road, Seabank Road. – A Gentleman desired to join another in Sitting Room; separate bedroom; baths; close to promenade.

Near Promenade and Egremont Ferry. – One or two BEDROOMS, with or without partial Board; no children – 47, Rudgrave Square. 

To be let – Unfurnished Houses

Egremont – 59 Charlotte Road, two sitting, three bedrooms, bath, w.c; beautiful; rent £19

Egremont – 4, Ramle Terrace. Rice Lane, containing two entertaining and five bedrooms, &c.; good garden; rent £2 15s. per month clear. Key next door. – W.E. Nelson. 22 Lord Street. Telephone 5876.

Egremont – 19, Wensley Avenue; two sitting and four bedrooms, bath, w.c., hot and cold water; rent £2 7s 8d. per month clear. Key next door. W.E. Nelson. 22 Lord Street. Telephone 5876.

Liscard – 6, Cecil Road – Newly decorated, six roomed HOUSE; large yard, few minutes from ferry: key at No. 2. – Apply J.Marsh and Co. 9 Union Court, Castle Street, Liverpool. Telephone 6808.

Liscard – 8, Lancaster Avenue, containing two kitchens; three bedrooms, parlour, bath, and w.c; rent 7s. 6d. week clear; key at No. 5. -- J. Bridgeford and Co. 22 Lord Street. Tel. 7080.

Liscard – 1, Marion Villas, Burns Avenue, Semi-detached House (close to tram route); two sitting and five bedrooms; rent £23. Key next door. -- W.E. Nelson. 22 Lord Street. Telephone 5876.

Liscard – 17 and 19 Massey Park – Excellent HOUSES, newly decorated; eight apartments, bath, &c.; £20 clear. Keys at 21. – Apply Fisher and Co. Garston.

Liscard – Parkfield Drive and Mill Lane – Cheapest HOUSES in the locality; each contains four bedrooms, bathroom, hot and cold water, two parlours, kitchen, and scullery, and good yard; rent only £2 3s. 4d per month clear of all taxes.

Liscard – 76 Seaview Road, Liscard, containing two sitting and four bedrooms, and usual conveniences; large garden at back; rent £28 -
W.E. Nelson. 22 Lord Street. Telephone 5876.

New Brighton – 3, Mount Pleasant Road. £30 per annum.

New Brighton – No. 1 Mount Road, Upper Brighton. Semi-detached; drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms; five bedrooms; kitchens on ground floor; washing kitchen, larder, wine cellar, butler’s pantry, bath, w.c, hot and cold water; gardens back and front; rent £45. Key at 25, Mount Road – N.B. – Has splendid and uninterrupted views over Wallasey; the Welsh mountains, and the Great Orme’s Head. – Apply to John Hughes, 14. Tower Buildings, Old Churchyard.

New Brighton – 53, Meadow Street. Rent £20.

New Brighton – St. George’s Mount – “WOODCOTE’; three entertaining rooms, seven bedrooms, &c; sheltered and healthy situation; pleasant view front and back. Apply next door.

New Brighton – No. 1, Pickering Road; contains breakfast room, two parlours, five bedrooms, kitchen, and several pantries; rent £40. – Apply to W. And J. Venmore, 200, Scotland Road, Liverpool.

New Brighton – 4, Prescott Street, - Large SHOP, with excellent windows, suitable for grocers, draper’s, or other business; surrounded by increasing residential houses; good opening for a branch establishment; house attached. Key at No. 8 – W.E. Nelson, 22 Lord S Treet. Telephone 5876.

Seacombe – 4, The Grove, Somerville, Semi-detached HOUSE (ten minutes walk from ferry); two entertaining and four bed rooms; rent £23 per annum. Key next door – W.E. Nelson, 22 Lord Street. Telephone 5878.

Seacombe – 46, Kenilworth Road, Rent £2 16s. 8d
Seacombe – 48, Kenilworth Road, Rent £2 16s. 8d

Seacombe – 65, Poulton Road – Conveniently situated. House to be let: rent £27.

Seacombe – 17, Rappart Road; parlour, kitchens, three bedrooms, bath, hot and cold water; rent £1.9s; monthly clear – E.A. Kenyon, 13 Massey Park, Liscard.

Wallasey – Pretty new HOUSES, Keswick Road; seven rooms and small conservatory; £30 per annum; five minutes from railway station and gold links. – Voughan, 13 Leasowe Avenue, Wallasey.

Wallasey – (near Station, Shore and Gold Links). – To be Let 1 and 9, Moreton Grove; four bedrooms, bath, hot and cold, &c.; two entertaining rooms; kitchen, scullery, &c; rent £25.

Wallasey – 5, Wallacre Road – Capital Family House, five minutes from station, containing two entertaining rooms, two kitchens, five bedrooms, bath, lavatory, &c., and fitted with all modern conveniences; garden back and front; rent £30 per annum – Apply J. Bridgeford and Co. 22 Lord Street. Tel. 7080.

To be let – Business Premises

Liscard Village – Good Blacksmith Shop. Rent low. – Wensley and Parle, 17a South Castle Street.

Seacombe – 154 Brighton Street, Seacombe, to be let; rent £45; fixtures and electric fittings extra – Apply Bell Williams, Son, and Wireman, 40, North John Street, Liverpool.

Seacombe – St. Paul’s Road, No. 116 – First class SHOP, suitable for butcher, fishmonger, &c.; rent £30. –J.Stanley, 23, South Castle Street, Liverpool.

Seacombe – To be let, FRUIT and FLORIST’S: splendid opening for greengrocery business; Fixtures cheap – Apply 13, Poulton Road, Seacombe.

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