Liverpool Mercury
Monday, 15th April, 1895

The Palace, New Brighton

This popular place of amusement was opened for the season on Saturday, and throughout the day it was crowded with pleasure seekers, a fact which augurs well for a successful season. Many improvements have been carried out in the extensive buildings with a view of enhancing the pleasure and comfort of visitors. The commodious ballroom, where a full band plays for dancing, is charmingly decorated throughout, as also is the large and cosy theatre. The grotto, which will have a special attention paid to it during the season, together with the open-air terraces, will certainly prove most attractive to those who wish to take a stroll after leaving the ballroom. There are also well stocked aviaries, a shooting gallery, and several other attractions in the place, which will enable visitors to spend a most enjoyable time. Mr. C. Gray Smith, the secretary and manager who catered so well at the Palace last year, is again at the head of affairs, and on Saturday provided a treat for his patrons in the shape of an excellent concert in the theatre.

The artistes were Miss Marie Burnett (soprano), Madame Emile Young (contralto), Mr. George Barton (tenor). Mr. Eaton Batty (baritone), and Mr. William Pagan (humorist). There was a large audience present at both the afternoon and evening concerts, and each item of the programme was much enjoyed, whilst in several instances encores were demanded. The theatre orchestra accompanied the various items in a satisfactory manner, under the leadership of Mr. J. Clayton. For today (Monday) further attractions are provided. Entertainments will be given in the grotto by Deskaro, the juggler, and in the rink by Sizi and Casea, acrobats. In the theatre, both afternoon and evening, will appear the Four Aubreys, sketch artists and horizontal bar performers; Patty Yole, song and dance artist and banjo soloist; the Ediinsm sketch artists; Rose Harvey, contralto vocalist; and Winifred Yates and and Robert Emslie, who will contribute vocal tableaux vivant's. As regards the future engagements at the Palace, Mr. Smith has made arrangements with some of the best known music hall artists to appear during the season, so that this place of amusement should prove attractive to all visitors to New Brighton.

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