Wallasey NEWS
13th Jul 1957

The Queen Touched By Ringing Cheers

Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh told the Mayor (Alderman Harry Bedlington) that their visit to Wallasey on Thursday had been a most interesting experience. She was delighted with the welcome given to them by the 16,000 schoolchildren lining the route.

The Queen was particularly interested in the fact that the foundation stone of the Town Hall was laid by her grandfather, King George V, in 1914 and that he had performed the ceremony by remote control in Central Park.

The Queen arrives at Grove Station, greeted by the Mayor and the Town Clerk.

Prince Philip’s attention was attracted by the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack hanging side-by-side at the top of the main staircase with a plaque commemorating the happy relationship between American servicemen stationed in Wallasey during the last war, and the people of the town.

In the Civic Hall, where the Queen was presented with a bouquet by 8 year old Ella Dingle, the thirty chosen people were presented to the Queen by the Mayor. Both the Queen and Prince Philip had something to say to those introduced to them.

As they were leaving the Town Hall, which was beautifully decorated with masses of flowers, the Queen expressed to the Mayor her appreciation of the floral display.

“Both Her Majesty and Prince Philip took a lively interest in everybody who was introduced to them and in everything they saw,” the Mayor told a “News” reporter afterwards.

Just before the Royal train arrived at Grove Road station at 2.27 pm, where the Queen was welcomed by the Station Master, Mrs. E. Martin, and the Mayor, Mayoress (Mrs. Bedlington), Town Clerk (Mr. A.G. Harrison) and Chief Constable (Mr. John Ormerod) were presented by Lord Leverhulme (Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire), rain began to fall quite heavily. Despite the break in the weather, however, the five mile route was lined with people practically the whole way.

Town Hall Scene

Thousands made their vantage point in front of the Town Hall, in the entrance to which the Mayor presented the Borough Member (Mr. Ernest Marples, Postmaster General), Mrs. Marples and Mrs. Harrison (wife of the Town Clerk). Before entering the building the Queen turned to wave to the crowd.

The Queen and Prince Philip on the balcony of the Town Hall

Nearly ten minutes later, the Royal couple appeared on the decorated balcony where they stayed for a moment to acknowledge with waves and smiles the warm welcome given to them by the people below.

There was renewed cheering when the Queen and Duke descended the Town Hall steps to re-enter the car. It drove slowly along the crowd-lined route to Duke Street Bridge and across the borough boundary, thus bringing to an end the first visit to Wallasey of a reigning Queen.

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