Liverpool Mercury
Friday, 6th November, 1846

The Wallasey Commissioners

The usual monthly meeting of this body was held last evening, at the Queen's Arms Hotel, Liscard, Henry Winch, Esq., in the chair. The proceedings of the Finance Committee referred to a meeting which had been convened by the Birkenhead Dock Commissioners, relative to the construction of the sea wall on the north side of the pool, and the necessity of raising funds from the landowners and others for carrying the work into execution. If a sufficient sum were not advanced for the purpose, it had been intimated that the Dock Commissioners would apply to Parliament to confine their operations to the south side of the Pool. A meeting of the landowners is to be held at Wallasey, to consider the subject, and the Law clerk was instructed to attend. Mr. Mann, seconded by Mr. Mawdsley, moved that the improvement of the road to Wallasey Village and Carrion Hill be postponed, which subject was referred to in the proceedings of the Improvement Committee.

After some discussion the amendment was put and lost, and the proceedings were therefore confirmed. The proceedings of the Finance Committee contained a recommendation that a rate of 1s. 3d. in the pound be laid in the ensuing year. Mr.Meadows, seconded by Mr. Edwards, moved that the rate be 9d. in the pound, and that the proceedings of the committee be confirmed, subject to the alteration.

Mr. Atherton stated that the property of the township last year was £31,161, and this year £32,000; a rate of 1s. 3d. in the pound would produce £2000. which would be required for the current expenses and the improvements recommended by the Improvement Committee. Mr. Halliday supported a rate of 1s; and, on a division, the proceedings of the Finance Committee were confirmed with such alteration. The Law clerk read copies of a correspondence which had passed between himself, Mr. Armistead, and Dr. Byrth, relative to the rent charge. It appeared that Mr. Armistead objected to the proposal of the Commissioners to leave the matter to the decision of counsel, but offered an annual payment in lieu of the rate, to settle the matter in an amicable manner. although not admitting his liability. The letters were referred to the Finance Committee, with instructions to take such proceedings as they might deem necessary. Mr. Meadow's brought forward a motion to the effect that the salary of Mr. West, the surveyor, namely. £125, should be given to him in full of all demands, and that he should not be allowed any extra charges. He objected a claim of £40 made by the surveyor on account of a survey made for water and gas. Several members considered the claim made by Mr. West as perfectly justifiable, as he had performed a service not within the scope of the act; it was, however, desirable that he should show hoe the money had been expended. Mr. Fisher thought the surveyor bound to perform whatever the commissioners required, except in special cases, where he might have to get extra aid. The discussion had not terminated when our reporter left the room, at half-past eight o'clock.

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