History of Wallasey Shopping

Shopping In Borough Road

Victoria Road was one of the four original roads of Poulton-cum-Seacombe, and became the main shopping area for the small village of Seacombe until Liscard was built up between the two World Wars. The fire brigade requested a change in name to avoid confusion with Victoria Road, New Brighton. The road was re-named Borough Road in 1918.

Looking at Borough Road in the 1920s we begin right down at the bottom of the road which was the railway station. T.F Williams and Son's, coal merchants were once on the site. Mrs. Louise Jackson had the Queen's Arms public house at No. 2. Coming up the road on the left-hand side there were a number of businesses. The 'Wallasey and Wirral Chronicle' was established in 1888 and was published on Wednesdays (a halfpenny) and Saturdays (one penny). They later moved to the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Brighton Street.

Next door was the old tea rooms which were run by Mr. Atkinson which were later taken over by Tony Ecceo. The 'Leasowe Castle' Hotel was in the hands of Bill Bryan and a few years later Bob Crawford became the landlord, followed by Charlie Canner. Bill Ferney was the pawnbroker and coming up the road were the 'Echo', 'Daily Post' and 'Mercury' offices and Mrs. Owen was a 'tallow chandler' at No. 53. The 'Wallasey News' (Wallasey Printers) were next door. The first issue appeared in the newsagent at 3rd November 1899. They, too, published twice-weekly. On Saturday there were twelve pages for a penny and on Wednesday it was halfpenny with four pages. This firm eventually moved to Church Road.

'The Wallasey News' was established by Messrs Willmer Brothers of Birkenhead to replace the Wallasey edition of the 'Birkenhead News'. In 1918 it was bought by the Wallasey Printers. Ernest Keel was the managing director and Edwin Peace was his associate. Mr. Peace was a solicitor in Liverpool and served the town as Mayor of Wallasey in 1916/1917.

William Clarke, printer and plumber was at No. 57. The business was established in 1846 by John James Clarke. He came to Wallasey from Bentham in Yorkshire and was the father of nine children. Garrick Studios were at Nos. 77 and 79, where Bert Cooper was the photographer. he carried out a wide variety of work was a specialist in marine, legal and survey photography. He also produced the 'Anchor' picture postcard series. Next door was the Imperial Penny Bazaar, which was run by J.H Burrows and Sons. There were a collection of shops including boot shops. Pegrams. the grocers, Johnsons, the dyers, the Misses Ellen and Rose Smith had their confectioners shop at No. 95 and Jack Holdsworth was the butcher. Woodson's Stores (grocers) and Lockley's baker shop on the corner of Stanley Street, which later became Boot's the Chemists.

At the bottom of Stanley Street was the blacksmith's, Harding and Son, later Tom Dunnicliffe had the smithy. On the other corner of Stanley Street in Borough Road was the Maypole at No. 103 and next door was Waterworth's (later John Skirrow) the greengrocers, followed by Oliver's the fishmongers. This business was originally owned by George Turtle. One advertisement ran "If you want to buy a rabbit go to Teddy Turtle's". A rabbit cost no more than sixpence in those days.

Next to Shepherd's Dairy/Grocery was Bertie Moore, the butcher, who had taken over from Eastman's. Lunt's the bakers were next; Brown's became the Shoe Warehouse and Ted Evans' became Dick's Family Boot Stores, which was owned by G. & W. Morton. In later years this business moved towards the bottom of the road to Nos. 73 and 79. Tom Parker was a baker at No. 121, with the butchers next door. Arthur Stretch had the drapers and Mrs. John's the tobacconist/stationer's next to the chandler was Jim Marl, the grocer, who had taken over the shop from Jack O'Brien on the corner of Hatherley Street. When W. Singleton and Son's the bakers gave up the premises they were taken over by the Co-operative Society on the opposite corner.

Among the other shopkeepers in the road was Chris Curry, the butcher which were later bought out by Guest's, Israel Soloman, the draper, McCarthy and Elliot the grocers which became John Newall's grocery. Maxwell's dairy, Bennett's chemist and Mrs. Hart's laundry and when this shop closed Mrs. Graham opened up an ironmonger's shop. Then Foster's took over John Simpson's greengrocery at No. 139.

Alf Derbyshire had the butchers and Scott's the bakers. Mr. Albert Tatler had the druggist.

On the right-hand side, coming up from the bottom were several businesses; Mr. George Longworth had his cycle shop at No. 30. Mr Byrom took over the premises in the 1930s. John Abraham had the butchers next door. E.H. Wright, the bakers was at No. 38. This firm went ont to be one of the town's leading confectioners who had their bakery at 12 Demesne Street. They specialised in supplying the shops and functions, etc., with small cakes of every description. Bill McQuire was a wheelwright and blacksmith in Smithy Lane. The 'Griffin' Hotel was on the corner of Smithy Lane where Bill Donnelly was landlord. Arthur Dodwell took over from him a few years later. Mary S. Davies had the public house at one time. Labouchere had a book shop and next door was the chemist (Budden's) when Mrs. Charles Richards was the manager. Mrs. E. Durden had the 'Hat Box' at 48a. Franklin Jones had the dairy and after a couple of more shops there was George Burrows, the leather goods shop. He also sold clogs and boots. Boots sold from 3s. 10d. to 18s. 0d. a pair. The shop was on the corner of Brighton Street. Mr. Maurice Thomas was the manager of the Joint City and Midland Bank. Mr. John Greenwell became manager in the 1930s. Among the other businesses in this part of the road were the fish and chip shop run by Archie Chippendale, Arthur White the stationer and Joe Scott, the butcher. Bob Leenam was landlord of the 'Stanley Arms' hotel and in the 1920s Reg Prichard took over, followed by Jim Horsley. The hotel once had a balcony and next door was 'Belle Vue', with steps leading up to the front door. The hotel once boated a bowling green, On the opposite side of the road there were strawberry fields in the days long before the shops were there. Morris Davis was the proprietor of the Strand Tailoring Company. They had a little ditty on the back of the tramway and bus tickets which went like this:

"When I was a lad
I went with my Dad
and always got clad
at Davies 78 Borough Road
Now I'm a Dad
and have many a lad
we all get clad
at Davies 78 Borough Road"

and at No, 82, George Williams had a top shop called the "Wallasey Grotto", which became the Doll's Hospital where one could take a broken doll and have it repaired. Next door, Miss Ogden always had a nice selection of ladies' blouses in her window and the housewives would stop and see the latest fashions. Mrs. Williams had the Water Lilly hand Laundry, with William Lawrence's outfitters at No. 90. Next came Grosvenor Place and Grosvenor Square. Prince's Dairies were by by the theatre.

Still standing today was the former Irving Theatre. Opened in 1899, today it is the Embassy Bingo & Social Club. Continuing up Borough Road, Mrs. Dickinson had the florists and Jack Dobbing was the barber at No. 144. The business was later taken over by Mr. Daniels who was demobbed from the army after World War II and opened the shop on the 18th December 1945.

Jim Hyett ran a cabinet-making and upholstery business next to Dobbings' (Mrs. Dobbings was a milliner) and Leyland's, the pawnbrokers, had two shops one being on the corner of Florence Road. On the opposite corner was Devine's grocery business. There were drapers and bakers, butchers and confectioners - all doing well in the 1920's. Near the top of the road was a cooked meat and pork butchers, which was run by the two Tushingham brothers. This was the same family as Rita Tushingham - the well-known film actress and star of 'A Taste of Honey'.

View of Five Bars Rest, 1905
Scott Butchers, 1908
North Wales Bank, 1905
Blitz Damage, 1941


No. Name No. Name
Seacombe Station
Mersey Street
Railway Refreshment Room 14 Ernest Downes
Wholesale Newsagent
Fell Street
16 Edward Noreross
Ironmonger & Chandlery
25 The Queens Arms
Mrs Louisa Jackson
18-20 John Pearson, Herbert & Louisa Harriet
Abottsford Street
22 Elizabeth Green
31 Arthur Hempshaw 24 John George East
33 Liberal Club 26 W.H Smith & Son
Wholesale Newsagents
35 William Robert Smith 28 John Keegan
35-37 Leasowe Castle Hotel
Robert Crawford
28a Ben Ellis
39 William Purves Ferney
Pawnbroker & Jeweller
30 George Longworth
Cycle Dealer
41 Joseph Brown
Demesne Street
43 William Leonard Burrows 32 John Abraham
45 Emily & Minnie Kean
Tobacconist & Stationers
34 Mrs Sarah Ann Bobbitt
Stationer & Tobacconist
47 Willmer Bros. & Co. Ltd
Printers & Publishers
36 Frederick Probert
49 Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (Seacombe) 38 Edward Harold Wright
Baker & Confectioner
51 James Bethel 40 David Freeman
Furniture Dealer
53 Ann Owens
40a The Griffin Hotel
William John Donnelly
57 William C. Clarke
Plumber & Painter
Smithy Lane
59 Liverpool Courier, Weekly Courier & L'pool Express 44 Charles Richards (house)
Budden & Co - Chemist
61 Five Bars Rest Hotel 46 Evan Franklin Jones
Grocer & Dairyman
Church Road
48a Mrs Florence Durden
Ladies Tailor
69-71 Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd 48 James Bernfield
Wardrobe Dealer
73-75 Peter Gray
Boot Factor
50 S. Levine
75 Albert Needham 52 William Thomas Key
79 Maurice Williams
Estate Agent & Auctioneer
54-56 George Edward S. Burrow
Leather Merchant
81 John Jones, Ann Thompson
Imperial Bazaar
J.H. Burrows
Brighton Street
83 James Moore
Saddler & Harness Maker
London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd.
85 Tinney's - Ladies & Children's Outfitters Percy Martindale
Estate Agent & Valuer
87 John Robert Evans
Gordon W. Little
Sheriff's Officer
87a Arthur Worship Britannic Assurance Co.
89 Thomas Tickle - Cash Draper.
John Gudgeon
Mary Buchanan Lee
The Provident Clothing And Supply Co. Ltd - Manager: J. McGill
91 Frederick Lee, Ann Jane Lee, Dora Male Green, Joseph Thomas Henderson, Ethel Parsons 60 Lilliam Martindale
93 Pegrams Stores Ltd. 64 Ellen Roberts
95 Johnson's The Dyers 66 Sidney & Nelson Mann
Metal Hardware Dealers
95a Ellen Smith - Confectioner
Miss Rose Anne Smith
T.R. Nickson - General Carrier & Forward. Agent
68 Archibald Chippendale
Fish And Chips
97 John William Holdsworth
Family Butcher
70 Arthur St. Clair White
Tobacconist & Stationer
99 Woodson's Stores
Cash Grocers
72 George Wilson
101 George Lockley
Barker & Confectioner
74 J.H Scott
Stanley Street
74a Henry / Elizabeth Donohue
103 Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd 76 'Stanley Arms'
Joseph Ball
105 Waterworth's Fruit Stores 78 The Strand Tailoring Co.
107 Ollier & Sons
80 Edward Gleasby
Boro Confectionery Stores
109 The Home & Colonial Stores Ltd. 82 George Frederick Williams The Wallasey Grotto
111 Bertie Thomas Moore
Family Butcher
84 Charles Ogden
Charles Greenlees
113 George Lunt & Sons
Bakers & Confectioners
86 William Parry & Sons
Paint & Glass Merchants
115 J.N Browne & Sons
The Shoe Warehouse
88 Thomas Albert Williams
Waterlily Hand Laundry
Waverley Street
90 William Alfred Lawrence
119 Dick's
Boot & Shoe Dealers
92 Elizabeth Wells, Albert Armitage, Richard Hughes
121 Thomas Henry Parker
Baker & Confectioner
136 Harry Gouldson
Princes Dairies Ltd.
123 British & Argentine Meat. Co Ltd - Family Butchers 138 Dougal Livingstone
Sweets & Confectionery
125 Arthur Stretch
140 Irving Repertory Theatre
127 Elsie Drysdale
142 James Gill Dickinson
129 Charles William Davey
Chandler & General Dealer
144 John Robert Dobbing
131 J. Marl - Grocer And Provision Merchant 146 James Hyett - Upholsterer
Edith Hyett
Hatherley Street
148 Williams & Co.
Wine & Spirit
133 Co-operative Stores 150 Robert Leyland
Pawnbroker & Jeweller
135 David Corry
Family Butcher
Florence Road
137 Glover's Sweet Shop 152 Louis Devine
Grocer & Provision
139 John Simpson
154 Toll & Tuner Drapers
William Turtle (house part)
141 Archibald Maxwell
156 Albert Middleton
143 Israel Soloman
158 Godfrey Bertie Hine
Byerley Street
160 Mossman & Yates
Jubilee Grove
162-164 Morgan James Evans & Sons Drapers
145 McCaffrey & Elliot Grocers & Provisions
Edith Road
147 Herbert Andrew Choyce
166 George Lockley
Baker & Confectioner
149 Edward Bennett
168 Robert Leyland
Pawnbroker & Jeweller
151-153 J.W Horne
Gents Outfitters
170 Charles E. Davies
Pork Butcher
151 Rebecca Minna Hall 172 James Williams
Sweet Store / Tobacconist
155 Robert Frederick Roberts
Fish & Chip Saloon
174 William Henry Roberts
Medical Herbalist
157 George Graham
176 British & Argentine Meat Co. Ltd.
159 S. Jones
178 R.G Morgan
169 Charles Greenhalgh & John Wealthy - Newsagents 180 W. Rowlands
171 Alfred Derbyshire
Family Butcher
184 Thomas & Frank Tushingham Pork Butchers
173 Banninster's Ale & Stout Stores 186 Mrs Ada Marion Highton
Milliner / Ladies Outfitters
175 Robert Scott - Baker & Confectioner 188 Mary Ellen Haw
Gladstone Road
190 Brough & Wright Wholesale Confectioners
179 Albert Edward Tatler
192 Bank of Liverpool & Martin's Ltd.