History of Wallasey Shopping
Shopping In Wallasey Road

Wallasey Road 1968

Wallasey Road, running from Liscard Town Centre to St. Hilary Brow, was originally known as 'Liscard and Wallasey Road'.

Looking at shops in the post war years of the late 1940s from the Liscard end began with Burton Montague Ltd, the tailors, George Lunt & Sons, the bakers, who have traded in Liscard since the 1920s. Next door, on the corner of Conway Street, was the pawnbrokers, Isaac Bellwood, who took over from Crane's Pawnbrokers after the First World War. Behind the Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board showrooms was a children's playground sited off St. Alban's Terrace. At No. 19 was the City Funeral Furnishers run by Samuel Pritchard & Sons. Thomas Tickle was the ladies outfitters at No. 21 and Thelma's Cafe was next door. On the corner of St. Alban's Road was the 'Castle Hotel;' where Mrs Edith McQuone was the landlady. The public house was often called 'The Garden Inn' on account of the little gardens that were close by.

On the opposite corner of St. Alban's Road was Lobster's Pet Cafe which later became the Nat West Bank. For many years Percy Bailey had a shop at No.37 and was continued on by Mrs Clarrisa Bailey as a stationery business. The Catholics could buy Missal or a set of Rosary Beads at the shop. Other shops included Kwong Tong Laundry, which in the 1930s was Soo Wong Laundry and next door was Frank Gibson, the grocer, who extended the shop to No.53.

'The Boot Inn' existed in Elizabethan times. Originally it was a small whitewashed cottage, which stood on the rough road leading to Wallasey Village. This was knocked down and a two-storey building was erected in its place. Mr. Stephen was the landlord at one time and Bill Cash had the public house during the First World War, then George Wildgoose took over licence in the 1920s.

With the increase of traffic the road formed a sort of bottle-neck and the local authority suggested road widening and so a new 'Boot Inn' was built and in 1925 the old one was demolished.

Wallasey Road 1926There were a few more shops along Wallasey Road to Torrington Road and Belvidere Road junction which included Crompton & Jones Estate Agents and Challoner's Tobacconist. In the 1920s Joe Collins, the Liverpool Billiard Champion, had the Wallasey Billiard Saloon, at 93a, which was approached down a side entry. There were nine tables and many good players use to visit the saloon from time to time to play matches.

Further along the road was Wood's the Butcher, and among other shops was Mr. Thomas, the chemist (later Mr. Ambrose and Irwin's the grocers on the corner of Torrington Road where Mr. Arthur Grosvenor was the manager.

On the right hand side of the road, starting at the old 'Wellington Hotel', the original public house was built in the 1800's and was a popular meeting place for the locals. It had an "L" shaped bar and Harry Liversage was the landlord in the post war years after the Second World War. Due to road widening a plot next to the Wellington Pub on the Seaview Road side was purchased as the site for a replacement, the foundations of which were laid in June 1936. The new hotel and Coronation Buildings were built in 1937. Originally there was a single-storey thatched cottage next to the public house, followed by a two-storey cottage.

Wallasey Road 1906 Duke of Wellington Pub Wallasey

Sam Pritchard & Sons

One of the most interesting characters of Liscard was Sam Pritchard at No.14 (later No.19) Wallasey Road. He was educated at the National School in Liscard Road and he began work by going around the neighbourhood with a cart and selling paraffin from a large drum.

As he grew older he could lend his hand or give advice on a wide range of subjects. He made his own cough mixture from locally-grown herbs. He made his own boot and metal polishes, which he put into tins and sold. He kept hens and sold eggs. Sam also made and sold harnesses.

Sam Pritchard WallaseyHe became a removal contractor which proved to be very successful business. People would borrow a handcart to enable them to take a large piece of furniture which they had bought from Wilson's Sale Rooms in Liscard Road. The furniture vans had large wheels at the back and small ones at the front. The driver sat on the roof of the >

vehicle. They were painted in cream and brown and were hauled by horses. One horse was able to pull the van. The horses were stabled at the back of the shop. Sam was joined by his sons, Sam junior and John. Fred, another son, in the business, but died when he was in his twenties. Sam's two brothers, William and Robert, were a little lower down the road at No.16. They were fruiterers, greengrocers and coal merchants. The coal side of the business was operated from the rear of the shop and was quite separate from the fruit shop. Sam's son, John, went into the undertaking and wedding car business. The business began in 1880 and prior to that time, Sam Jnr. made his living in the harness trade, plus the polishes and selling and few antiques. Sam Snr. loved to sail to the Isle Of Man and had a contact. They also went on charabanc trips to Wales. The removal business flourished and they arranged removals by road, rail and sea. His telephone number was just a simple No. 27, Liscard and another was Wallasey 217. They then invested in motorised vans with solid tyres. Sam did all the signwriting on the vans. In fact there was little that he could not do. In the days of horses, he was able to give advice and help to other people. The coffins for the undertakers (John) was made by the family. Among the men who Sam employed was Bob Ashley, Jack Mills and several others. One of the vehicles (HF 1947) was a sort of flat back truck and the van part was separate and could be lifted off and put on the railway or shipped by sea. The other one was a straight forward van (NA 9891). It was a Halford, the other being a A.E.C. As years went on the firm only had offices at No. 19 Wallasey Road, later to become Halford's cycle and car spares shop

Pritchards Wallasey
Sam Pritcahrd Wallasey
MANWEB Wallasey Road 1977
Wallasey Road 1936

Continuing along Wallasey Road we have Marks & Spencers who had been located in Liscard Road but were bombed in the 1941 Wallasey Blitz so moved temporarily to No. 9-10. Jim Kent established his auction rooms after the Second World War at 14 and 15 Wallasey Road. There was also a social club in Wallasey Road which was above the shops and known as 'Coronation Social Club' and it was active in the 1930's.

Central Market 1937In 1919 the town agreed there should be a market but it was some years before it was built. The site chosen was once occupied by 'Clairville Cottage'. The new building took the name of 'Central Market'. In the front of the Market in the 1920s was the showroom Rymers, which was later taken over by Sonia's gown shop. Central Market Garage was owned by Mr. Huggin's. The Market used to be covered on the inside where there were roughly about 20 stalls selling mainly a wide selection of produce. The stalls could be moved away and boards, like pallets, were laid flat on the floor for skaters to skate on. The wheels of the skaters were wooden. A rail was attached to the edge to stop the skaters running into the spectators. The Market was demolished by the early 1960s and new shops were built in its place. No. 40 to No. 52 were built by 1966 and No.54 to No. 60 were built soon after.

On the corner of Moseley Avenue stood Black's, the men's outfitters, which closed for business only recently after serving the community for more then half a century. There was a well-known grocery business at No. 68 and 70 called Monteith's. William Monteith then moved to a commanding position on the corner of Liscard Road and Wallasey Road, opposite the old 'Monkey House' shelter and had the largest grocery shop in Liscard. Previously the site had been occupied by Ellis Jones' mill. It was called Victoria Steam Mills. When the grocers finally closed down the property was taken over by Montague Burton, the tailors. The old premises at No.68 and 70 was taken over by Hugh Charlton, another grocer who remained for many years. Mr Boughey established his estate agency at No. 72 and the firm continues to this day. Bert Handy had a fine men's outfitters in the 1930's and continued after the Second World War at No. 104. He sold fine shirts and hats as well as supplying farms with their clothing needs. Leicester Stationery and Artists needs etc., were established in the 1930's at No. 106.

Wallasey Road Browning Bakers

On the other side of Belvidere Road was a number of shops including William Brown's hardware business. Other shops included Miss Flynn's millinery (later Mrs. England's) John Crail, the baker in the 1920s and later to become Robert Plant's grocers. The Co-operative Society opened a large branch in this row of shops some years later.

Boot Inn Wallasey Road Wallasey Road Shops near Rugby Road


Wallasey Road 1957 Central Market Toilets at Moseley Avenue
Wallasey Road, 1957
View towards Central Market, 1964
View of toilets, corner of Moseley Ave.
Wallasey Road 1936 Wallasey Road 1936 Wallasey Road 1936
- - View of Wallasey Road, 1936 - -

Looking At The Shopping Precinct

1921 - 1988

No. Name No. Name No. Name
1 Lunt, Sons & Co Ltd - Bakers 3-9 Burton Montague Ltd - Tailors 1-9 British Gas Showroom
3 Guy, et Cie
11 Lunt, George,Sons & Co - Bakers 11 Brooks
5 British & Argentine Meat Co. Ltd 13 Bellwood. I.H
13 Contessa
7 David Lewis
House Part
Conway Street
7 Sampson, Thomas
Merseyside & North Wales Electricity Board 15-17 MANWEB Electricity Board Showroom
9 Lunt, A.J & Co
Paint Manufacturers
St. Albans Terrace
Townfield Way
11 Price, Robert E,
19 Pritchard, Samuel & Sons - Funeral Furnishers 19 Halford's Cycle & Auto Accessories
13 Bellwood
21 Tickle, Thomas R.
Ladies Outfitter
21 Lunn Poly
Travel Agent
Conway Street
23 Thelma's Cafe 23 H. Williams Menswear
25 Castle Hotel
Mrs Edith McQuone
25 Swan
Ladies Wear
St. Albans Terrace
St. Albans Road
27 Usher Travel
15 Basnett, W & Co.
Glass Merchants
31 Lobster Pet Cafe 29 Delaney Baker
17 Yate's Castle Hotel William F. Bridden 33 Platt, Joseph
St. Albans Road
19 William Dawkes 35 Mandell, David
31-35 National Westminster Bank
21 Mrs Margaret Fisher 37 Bailey, Mrs Clarissa M. Stationery 37-39 Lees, Moore & Price
31 Charles F Shaper
Mrs Dora Shaper
39 Helm, Harry
41 Vacant (formerly Oxfam Shop)
33 J.J Mullineux 41 The Capital Paint Store
Paint Merchants
Cecil Road
35 Wallasey Cocoa Rooms 41a Mudd & Stores
French Polishers
43 K. Prowse
Travel Agent
37 Bailey, Percy
Tobacconist & newsagent
Cecil Road
45 Monroes Restaurant
39 Fred William Helm
43 Roberts, Thomas W
Pianoforte Dealer
47 Liscard Fisheries
41 John Hurst
Boot Repairer
45 Green Food Ltd
49 LiLam Restaurant
Cecil Road
47 Morris, James & Francina
Fried Fish Dealers
51-53 Bell & Lamb Joynson
43 The Liscard Fish Market 49 Kwong Tong Laundry
Liscard Grove
Newton Road
45 Mrs Alice Horn
51-53 Gibsons Stores
55 Boot Inn
47 James Thornber
Liscard Grove
Newton Road
93 Bakewell & Horner
Estate Agent
49 Lynane, J. Cecil
Hand Laundry
Boot Inn
George Harry Wildgoose
95 Woolwich Equitable Building Society
Newton Road
93 Compton & Jones
Estate Agents
97 DC & I. Ltd
Boot Inn
William Harry Cash
95 Challoner, Raymond Tobacconist 99 Blow Your Top
Men's Hairdressers
93 Saks, F. & Co.
97 Collens, James W. Ltd - Hairdressers 101 Goldsmith, William
95a Collens, J.W., Ltd
Wallasey Billiard Hall
99 Cochrane, William
103 Bell & Wight
95b Roberts, Mrs
Art Needlework
101 Scott, Constance
Childrens Outfitters
105 Top Style
Ladies Wear
97 Bayleys
Boot Repairers
103 Johnson, Jason
Boot Repairer
107 The Banks Group Surveyors
97a Homes, Elizabeth
105 Davies & Williams
109 Arcade
99 Miss Plowden
107 Smith, Mrs Dora
111 Knitcraft
Knit & Wool
101 Mrs Roberts
Ladies Outfitters
109 Wood, William H
113 Lawton's
103 Hughes, Richard E
111 Morris, Miss Edie Mary - Ladies & Children Outfitters 115 Birdsall
Confectioner & Toys
105 King, Charles E.
(King & King) Fruiterer
113 Lawton, Mrs Gertrude
117 I.G Palmer
107 Kilpatrick, William
'Abbey' Diary
115 Pearce's
119 Hoy In
109 Wood, W.H
117 Thomas, L.C Ltd
Torrington Road
111 Horner, George Wilson - Post Off. & Tobacconist 119 Irwin's
113 Erskine, Margaret
Torrington Road
115 Bannister, Albert E
Basket Manufacture
117 Thomas, Lewis E
119 Grosvenor, Arthur
Torrington Road
No. 1921 No. 1949 No. 1988
2 Wellington Hotel
William Davies
2 Wellington Hotel
Harry Liversage
Wellington Hotel
14 Pritchard, Samuel
Furniture Remover
Coronation Building
Coronation Building
16 Whitley, W.H
Electrical Engineer
White, George
Milk Bar
1-2 Bookland - Books & Stationery
18 Wharton, Mrs Sarah - Ironmonger 3 Elsley, H.J
3 Richards
Deans Yard
3 Flude, Leslie Devine Linoleum Warehouseman 4 Brooks
McLarty, Alex 4 Bakewell, Mrs Else Dale - Tobacconist 5 -6 Yorkshire Building Society
Jones, Charles, E 4 Hardisty, Walter E
7 Crown Pharmacy
Parsons, Robert Hill 5 & 6 Hewson, E. Ltd
8 Famous Army Stores
20 Hughes, O
7 Spence, Hugh Thomas - Chemist Atlantis Gym
22 Rose, Thomas 8 Famous Army Surplus Clothing Manufacturer 9-10 Rumblelows
Audio TV Electrics
24 Williams, E.C
Grocers Assistant
National Assistance Board 11 JJB Sports
Sports Goods
26 Quality Garage
Rymer, C.F., Ltd
H.M Inspector of Taxes - Wallasey District 12 Miller & Santhouse
52 Caddock, W Royal London Mutual Insurance Society 13 Stantons
Baker & Restaurant
54 Roberts, Llewellyn
Joynson, J.H & Son
14 -15 Alliance & Leicester Building Society
54 Winterburn, James
House Part
9 & 10 Marks & Spencers 40 Fashion Figure
Ladies Wear
56 Liversage, Elizabeth - Dairy 14-15 Kent, J
42 Alan Paul
58 Smith, William
Central Market Buildings
44 Gateway Building Society
58 Harton, Robert James (House Part) Willis, Mrs Helen
46 Oxfam Shop
60 Quality Garage
Temporary Office
Pottler, Charles
Furniture Dealer
48 Safeway Supermarket
Moseley Avenue
Woosman, Frank
50 Johnsons Dry Cleaner
62 Lockley, G
50 Central Market Garage 52 Serve & Save
64 Bellis, Joseph
Tobacco & Sweets
50 Norvic Photographic Studios 54-56 Colourvision
68a Bridge, Arthur J
52a Ross, Mrs Catherine 58-60 Liscard Carpets
68 Lithgoe, Mary
52 Ross, Mrs Catherine
Moseley Avenue
70 Eccles, Louisa
54 Penlington, Jack
Bicycle Dealer
62 Blacks
Mens/Boys Wear
70 Gibsons Stables
Carriage Proprietors
54 Clough, Herbert
64 Prudential
86 Gibsons, Mary Alice
Moseley Avenue
66 Brian Camp
88 Gibsons, Alfred 62 Blacks, Arthur
Gents Outfitters
68 Ramos & Co.
Estate Agents
Coningsby Drive
64 Bellis, Harry
72 Boughey, H.J & Son - Estate Agents
90 William Richardson Engraver 66 Dove, William
Furniture Dealer
Liscard Motor Co.
Car Sales
92 William Walker
School master
68- 70 Charlton, Hugh
86-88 Michael Milman
Estate Agents
94 Mrs Harriet Connor 72 Boughey, H.J & Son
Estate Agents
Coningsby Drive
96 Mrs Elizabeth Sharp 74a Manx Household Cleaners Ltd.
Britannic Buildings
98 Dutton, Frederick
74 Pinnington Bros,
Motor Engineers
1-3 Prudential Building Society
100 Henderson, Mrs C 86 Richards, Mrs Maude 94 Philip Davies
Estate Agents
102 Miss Southwell
Music Teacher
88 Mrs Mary Carlile 96 Somerfield & Pakhouse Solicitors
104 Williams, F.E
Coningsby Drive
98-98a Profile
Ladies Hairdresser
Belvidere Road
Britannic Buildings
100 Whitegates Estate Agents
120 Gibson's Stores
1 Food Office 102-104 Threshers Off-Licence
120 Sam M Smith
House Part
2 Leslee, Ann
106 Whitnalls Accountancy
122 Browne, William
3 Gregory, Eric
108 James Chapman Harland
Estate Agents
126 Masser, Mrs Dorothy
Drapers & Milliner
94 Currie, Thomas Herbert 110 Gearing & Wilde
128 Acton, Robert D
96 Whatmough, Caroline 112 Building Society World
130 Barber & Co
Wine & Spirit
98 Duncan, Miss Lillian, Ladies Hairdressers
Belvidere Road
130 Percival, Caroline
House Part
98a Dane & Dennis
Watch Repairers
120 K Sang Fish & Chips
132 Crail, Robert
Baker & Confectioner
100 McEntyre, Arthur
Coal Merchant
122 Hardmans Domestic Electricity Appliance
134 Fraser, Mrs
100a Holmes, Herbert C.
Hardware Dealer
124 Sarah J's Hair Designs
136 Pearson, John Harry
102 Motherland
Perambulator Dealers
126 J. Sood
Ladies/Men/Boys Wear
138 Sheil, Madame
Teacher of music
104 Handy's
Gents Outfitters
128 Evans
140 Shaw, M & Son
Fish & Poultry Dealers
106 Leicester's
130 Almigate
142 Williams, Edward
Poultry Food Stores
108 Glendinning's
Ladies Outfitters
130a Smartbride
Bridal Wear
144 Bennett, W.
Wirral Drug Store
110 Ardran, Alfred Wilding - Fruitier 132 Vacant (formerly Tradewinds)
146 Lamble, Alfred
112 Taylor, Harold
Westwood Grove
148 Harper, I & H
112 Parker, Mrs Edina Julia 134 Kate's Corner
Children Wear
150 Munslow, Thomas
Belvidere Road
136-142 Jean Graham Beauty Salon & Gym, Sauna & Jacuzzi
150 Munslow, Miss
122 Browne, William
Hardware Dealer
152 Smith, A - Seed Merchant & Florist 124 Pulford, Thomas Edwin - Shipwright 144 Hair World
154 Sayle, George
Boot Repairer
124 Parkinsons Lancashire Coal Merchants 146 J.Piggot
124b Parkinson W.N (Coals)
Coal Merchant
148 M.E.W
Print & Stationery
124a Smethurst, Miss Mabel - Costumier 150 M. Perry
Car Accessories
126 England, Mrs Florence
Fancy Draper
152 Bateman
128 Greenhaugh, Charles
154 Vacant (formerly Fruit Hall)
130a Bartleet, Mrs Alice
132 Plant, Charles
any house numbers in grey are private dwellings.

Shopping In Wallasey Road


No. Name No. Name
3-9 J. Swift Home Furnishers Wellington Hotel
11 Minton, R.R & Co
Paint Manufacturers
Coronation Building
13 Bellwood Jewelers 1 New Dynasty Restaurant
Conway Street
2 Bookland
Books & Stationery
Merseyside & North Wales Electricity Board (Service Centre) 3 Fludes
St. Albans Terrace
4 McLachlans
Tobacco & Confectionery
19 Samuel Pritchard & Son Ltd
Furnishers Removals
5-6 Birkenhead District Co-Op
Grocer Supermarket
21-23 Vacant (formerly W.H Trace & Son Ltd - Electrical Contractors) 7 H.T Spence
25 Vacant (formerly Castle Hotel) National Assistance Board
St. Albans Road
H.M Inspector of Taxes
31 Westminster Bank Ltd 8 Famous Army Stores
33 Vacant 9-10 Strothers Electrics
35 P. Bailey
13 Vacant (formerly Scott & Sons Bakers Ltd)
37 W.H Trace & Son Ltd
Electrical Contractors
14-15 J. Mckenzie
Radio, TV & Electrics
39 Vacant 40 Reece's Baker
41 National Coal Board
(coal order)
42 Granada TV Rentals
Cecil Road
44 Kyle Wallpaper & Paint
43 Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd. 46 Marilyn
Ladies Fashion
45 R. Eskay
Glass & Chinaware
48 Safeway
Grocer Supermarket
47 C. Truplett
50 Spencer
Dry Cleaners
49 Lin Hong Restaurant 52 Wrights Ladies Fashions
51-53 Bell Joynson Solicitors 54 Vacant
Liscard Grove
Newton Road
56 Vacant
Boot Inn 58 Vacant
93 Compton & Sons
Estate Agents
60 Vacant
95 Central Laundry
Dry Cleaners
Moseley Road
97 C.B Collinson
Estate Agents
62 Blacks Men Wears
99 Tudor Gift Shop 64 Bellis Tobacco/Confectionery/Toys
101 Wilbraham
Turf Commission Agents
66 Hardings Furnishing Removers
103 Barber & Co.
Wine Store
68 Charlton Butchers & Provisions
105 W.E Harding
Fruit & Veg
72 Boughey, H.J & Son
Estate Agents
107 D. Smith
Grocer & Dairy
Pinnington Bros
Garage & Services
109 W.H Wood
86-88 Strothers Office
TV Supplies
111 KnitKraft
Knit & Wool
Britannic Buildings
113 Lawton's
1-2 Ministry of Social Security
115 Toner & Williams
3 Eric Gregory Hairdressers
117 T.D Ambrose Chemist 94 Motherland Prams & Toys
119 Peacock Restaurant 96 C.M Briggs Opticians
98 Betty's Ladies Hairdressers
98a E.G Raddish
Estate Agents
100 J. McCulloch
Sports Equipment & Fishing Tackle
102-104 Leicesters
Print, Stationery & Art Materials
106 Hardys Menswear
108 V. Warburton Ladies Outfitters
110 Greenline
Fruit & Veg
112 Harold Taylors Bakers
Belvidere Road
120 N. Burrows
Fried Fish Dealer
122 William Brown
Hardware Dealer
124 Vacant
126 England, F.D & M.M
Fancy Drapers
128 Vaughan, F
130 Hawkers & Hunters
Electrical Contractors
130a Mrs Mary B. Keen
132 Charles Plant
Westwood Grove
134 Oxfam
136 Vacant
138-142 Birkenhead & District Co-Op Society
144 Cheetham Ladies Hairdressers
146 Health Centre Turkish Baths
148-152 Wilkinson
Wallpaper, Paint & Glass Merchants
154 Johnsons
Dry Cleaners