All the 19th and 20th Century news from Wallasey.
Exclusive to History of Wallasey.
A Breach of Promise 1895 The Extraordinary James Cowan 1868-1887
New Brighton Tragedy 1890 : The Inquests Battle of The Brickworks 1877
New Brighton Tragedy 1890 : The Assizes The Wallasey Commissioners May 1846
The Suspected Child Murder At Egremont 1862 The Wallasey Commissioners November 1846
A Burglar and His Yacht 1887 The Wallasey Local Board of Health March 1856
Lantern Parade At Wallasey 1896 The Wallasey Local Board August 1871
Jubilee Demonstration At Wallasey 1887 Death of Sir John Tobin 1851
New Battery on the Cheshire Coast 1860 Property Advertisements 1899
Sad Suicide of a Liscard Doctor 1896 Publican & The Bona Fide Travellers 1892
Charge of Embezzlement 1863 Wallasey Social Club & Concert Hall 1874
Opening of the Central Supply Station 1897 The Public Health Act : Inquiry 1852
Discovery of Stag Horn In Wallasey Pool 1824 Eiffel Tower In New Brighton 1896
The Palace, New Brighton 1895 Liscard Petty Sessions August 1862
New Park For Wallasey 1890 Destruction of New Brightion College 1862
Lifeboat For New Brighton 1863 Wallasey Council and Their Clerk 1897
Destruction of Wallasey Church By Fire 1857 The Irving Theatre, Seacombe 1899
New Promenade Pier At New Brighton 1867 New Public Offices For Wallasey 1871
State of Victoria Road 1859 Sad Day of Destitution & Death 1867
Fearful Explosion At Seacombe 1850 The Boy Shot By Volunteers 1861
News In Brief 1 : 19th Century Headlines Wallasey Assault Charge 1895
News In Brief 2 : 19th Century Headlines New Hospital At Liscard 1899
News In Brief 3 : 19th Century Headlines Melancholy Occurence At Wallasey 1862
Bulldozers Set To Level Resort Pool 1990 The Queen Touched By Ringing Cheers 1957
Jobs Go As Co-Op Pulls Out Of Liscard 1976 Wallasey's "Prefab Dwellers" Have "No Complaints" 1946
Unemployment In Wallasey 1920 Anne Glassey Workshop Closes Down 1974
On The Wall Of Thrills At New Brighton 1930 A Sickening Crash 1911
Wheatland Lane Re-Development 1963 Father Goes To Jail For His Son's Crime 1902
Wallasey Men In North Sea Battle 1916 Town Loses Hospital Battle 1981
The Great Push 1916 The New 'Nelson' 1935 (NEW)
Fight To Save The Avenue 1975 (NEW) Poulton Clearance Will Affect 118 Families 1963 (NEW)
Broken Bolts Cause Wallasey Bus Tragedy 1931 (NEW)